Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello!  Happy Friday!
So I hate to sound like a broken record, but with our return trip to Disney this year, this summer is once again, (just about) all about getting ready for the trip and getting excited.  And also, every summer is special for us now, since we have a very special lady to celebrate!

Therefore, I present more talk about Maggie's 3rd birthday and DISNEY!!!!  LOL

So as I said on Wednesday we are doing a bunch of things for Mag's birthday, but we don't have super definite party plans and no real theme.  And honestly, I would be hard pressed to pick one thing that my girl is crazy about, because honestly, she gets excited about EVERYTHING.  Ever since she saw "Dumbo" she's had quite thing for elephants, and all "zoo" animals.  Then she started watching "Dinosaur Train" and that has turned into a growing interest in all things dinosaur.  She really loves the "How do Dinosaurs....?" series, I really recommend it if you have a dino fan.  And then there are the Disney princesses, who she has really gotten more interested in this year.  We will surely be meeting them this year!

I debated for awhile about what type of outfit I wanted for her birthday.  I decided that even though the birthday parties aren't solidified, I could get her something special to wear for her day.  This is something that I have done every year so far, and this is a tradition that I would like to continue for as long as she lets me....LOL

1st Birthday
2nd birthday
Like I said, I debated what to do this year....She likes the Disney princesses, but she already did the super girly, tutu getup her first year.  Elephants are cute, but she already has a couple elephant shirts.  With those eliminated, Dinosaurs it is!  I found a really cute shop on Etsy, and I love how her birthday shirt turned out!

Shirt from: Bowadacious Baby

To complete the outfit I'm thinking a cute skirt or some ruffle shorts.  I have a few options coming in the mail from Children's Place.  But man, did I struggle to find something that I liked!  I looked in all my normal stores that I love, Carter's, Old Navy, Kohl's and completely struck out.  Children's place actually had a few things, so we shall see.

Soon to the Disney.  Not too much to report on that front.  We have everything booked, including restaurant reservations and stroller rentals. Today, I'm sharing what I'm planning for our countdown. 

Last year I created a calendar to countdown the days.

It was fun to make and exciting to use, but this year I'm trying something different.

This year I'm going to make a chain garland, with black, red and yellow rings. Something like this...

More info here
I think this will be a little easier for Mags to understand than a calendar, and it will be fun to rip the links off everyday.  Since we are leaving on a Thursday, I decided to make it 35 day countdown and start it next Thursday (wow, I can't believe we're going so soon!!!).  I'll post a pic as soon as I put it together!

That's it for now.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Love the dinosaur birthday shirt!


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