Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning we were up at 7:30am. We were all pretty tired, but excited to start our busy day.

We started by opening the presents under our tree. We of course wanted Mags to go first. She was interested in opening presents to begin with, but she slowly lost the momentum and was really only interested in opening and closing the microwave door on her new kitchen (thank you random giveaway last year).

Mag's new kitchen and her presents


Opening doors is sooooo much fun!!!!

I guess I'll open another present, but opening doors is much more fun!

Caught by the flash

Here you go Mom, I got some clothes....

Then it was on to the inlaws for more Christmas celebrating!

Mags helped a little bit with the unwrapping.....



But sometimes you have to take a little music break......

And don't forget a snack....(look how excited I am about her cute outfit, which she could care less about....LOL....oh the 17 month old)!!!!

Sharing some giggles with PopPop and Pop

After opening presents and having some Applesauce cake for 2nd breakfast, we put Mags down for a nap and it was our turn to open presents!



Then when she got up from her nap, it was time for some cuddles with Aunt Janice.....



Being silly with Nana....

And trying out of her new chairs from Nana and PopPop....

Then we had a yummy dinner and then ended the day with a third round of presents at Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Chris's!

Overall, it was an amazing holiday altogether. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family that enriches our lives so much.

Hope that you had a wonderful holiday!

And Happy New Year's Eve! We are hanging in tonight and we'll see about staying up.... Hope you have a fun and safe night, whatever you are doing!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Your Three Words

17 months Old

So I know that I'm double posting today, but I wanted to get this in before the week ended, because little Magster turned 17 months on Tuesday!

Wow! Only one more month till a year and a half....CRAZY!!!!

Daddy messing around with Mommy's new camera and Mags checking it out....

We love our new food for our kitchen!

We still love our comfy chair and our books!

Action shots are the norm these days....

I caught Mags literally cooking the books!

Finally we had to be contained on the sofa (for a good pic), and we took the opportunity to lounge!

So silly!!!!!

So what happened this month?

We celebrated the holidays with our family and you were soooo good! Your routine was out the window, but it barely phased you. You hung out with everyone and you were so friendly too!

You are very friendly to everyone and I think its a lot easier to just list the people you don't like....and as far as I can tell, Santa is about it (although I think it might have something to do with the facial hair, and since we don't know a lot of people with facial hair, other than P-Paw, this is hard to prove).

You still love to give hugs and now, sometimes you give kisses too!

Still lovin' the "Baby Signing time" and you have added to your signing repertoire with "Mommy" (my fave of course), "Doggie", "Cat" and you sort of do "Fish".

You also love Elmo and you can say it pretty well. You aren't too interested in the rest of Sesame Street, so we bought you an "Elmo's World" DVD and you love it. We also got you an Elmo doll, but it sings and we think that kind of freaks you out. Oh well.....LOL!

For Christmas, you got a lot of great toys and a bunch of new clothes. We are going to be rearranging your bedroom soon to fit the new handmade table and chairs that Nana and PopPop got you. I think you are going to love them. Another present was for some classes this upcoming year and I am looking into what would be best for you.

Yo eat just about everything now, but we like to give you the veggies first, because otherwise you're not the biggest fan. You have also started having some snacks in between meals and you tell us when you are hungry for them.

Another amazing month, my little one. You are growing up so quickly and it really seems like there is something new everyday. You are so happy and pleasant, Daddy and I don't know what we did to deserve such a little wonder.

I guess it's on to the last month of the first half of your second year!

Christmas Eve 2011- The Night

After Christmas Eve Mass, we came back to my Mom's house and the party began....

Mags was super stoked to see one of her fave cousins, Jocelyn

She was also just happy to hang out with the big girls...

Picnik collage

And you know how I love the side by side, yearly comparison....hanging with Uncle Ben

Waiting for Santa to come while Jocelyn reads "The Night Before Christmas"

Reading the book herself and cautiously watching Santa's arrival from a safe distance....

Reading the book that Santa gave her, which she snatched out of his hand and ran away with....

In our new Christmas jammies, but very tired and ready to go home

Throwing Mommy a Christmas bone, with a nice hugging pic....

And even letting Grammy get in on the snuggles!

After all that excitement, we were all ready to go home, and Mags fell asleep about 5 minutes into the car ride. It was smooth sailing, until we hit a car accident, about 20 miles away from home. It added about an hour to our 2.5 hour drive, and Mags woke up, but she fell back asleep, and went right to bed when we got home. It was exhausting and totally worth it.

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011- The Day

Hello there!!! Hope that the holidays are treating you well. As per the usual, ours was a wonderful whirlwind, with so much fun! Too much to inundate you with all at once, so I'm breaking it up....

We started Christmas Eve day at my Mom's, just hanging out and relaxing...


Holidays take serious hydrating.....

And hanging out in the kitchen, where the action is.....

The first round of presents

A little help from Daddy

Making an attempt

A very, very special present from Great- Grandaddy and Great-Grandmommy

Great-Grandaddy's chair from when he was a little boy

Looking so pretty in our Christmas outfit

Ready for Christmas Eve Mass

Hope you're having a great Thursday!


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