Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

And another weekend bites the dust.

Friday we relaxed and just hung out eating Chinese and catching up on our favorite shows. Saturday we were off. We made a quick pit stop at Ikea to finalize some decisions on new furniture for our living room and then we were back on the road to my dad's house. When we got there we had lunch and then because they have a Carter's outlet basically in their backyard, we headed over to get some staples for the Magster. When we got back we had a yummy dinner and then watched "Due Date" (eh, it was ok).

Sunday we went out to breakfast, where Miss Mags was thoroughly entertained by a napkin and her PPaw.

Then we headed back to the house to put the little one down for a much needed nap. When she got up she was in a great mood and spent some time clowning around with her Uncle Bray.

And of course we cannot neglect to mention that Sunday was Mag's 7 monthday. So what has she been up to this month???

  • We are finishing up the solid's trials and our last fruit is bananas. As of right now, she hasn't had an allergic reaction to any of the solids and I am looking forward to mixing things up this month.
  • Mags had her first stomach bug and it was not fun.
  • We are starting to grow out of our 6 month clothing and some of the 9 month clothing fits somewhat. Still wearing size 3 diapers and most of your shoes are still too big.
  • We have been to The Little gym twice and both times we had a really great time.
  • You are sitting completely unassisted for longer and longer periods of time.
  • In the crib, you scoot yourself all around and rarely end up where we put you down.
  • You love all of your toys, but right now your favorite is a popcorn popping toy.
  • Still loving your jumper and exersaucer. You also love just sitting on your playmat with a bunch of toys.
  • No real attempts at crawling yet, but you can wiggle yourself around to get what you want for the most part.
So I think that's about it, but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Also, I finally got my camera back and I found some cute pics that I wanted to share.

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Your three words

Man am I ever ready! I have never really been a big winter fan, but it seems like this winter is taking forever.... I know that we have 23 days (who's counting?) until spring, but I would like it to hurry up please. I am also excited because once spring arrives we have a lot of fun things on our calendar. A couple of bridal showers and bachelorette parties, a 1st birthday party and three weddings. And then once we get through all of that malarkey we have a VERY special birthday to celebrate.

In regards to that, Mags turns 7 months this weekend and I can't even believe it. So I guess now the clock is starting to really tick in regards to her birthday. I have a few ideas, but I need to nail down some concrete details. I will definitely keep you posted and I will post a proper month update on Monday.

So what are your plans for the weekend? We are catching up some of our shows tonight and then heading to my dad's tomorrow for a visit. Hope you have a great one!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

And we're back!

After an awesome holiday weekend off, we are back to the grind. This weekend was awesome!

First of all, we had Brian home from Friday to Monday, which is always a lot of fun. We had a nice relaxing day on Friday and just spent time with each other. We also had to take Mags for some more vaccines and she was such a trooper!

Then on Saturday, Grammy and Poppy came up for an overnight visit. We spent the majority of the day just hanging out, with Maggie deciding to liven things up with a lovely diaper blowout (I blame the prunes). So because of the blowout and another outfit that just didn't fit as well as we would like, Mags ended up having three outfit changes that day.

Mags and Grammy

The elusive Mommy and Maggie pic
(We didn't get a pic of the second outfit, but like I said not a great fit, so no big loss....)

So after our little diaper "excitement" and another outfit change we went out to dinner with Nana and PopPop. We had a great time. The food was delish and the service was outstanding.

Then on Sunday we went to church and then came home for a yummy breakfast. Mags was an angel at church and definitely charmed everyone around her. The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and then yesterday we relaxed some more until I had to go to work.

Clapping away!

Story time with Grammy

We had such a great time this weekend and created so many wonderful memories. I am so glad that were able to have this amazing weekend.

So I know it's Tuesday, but how was your weekend?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your three words

On Wednesday we finally made it to the class at The Little Gym. Now let me tell you it has been quite the ordeal getting to this class. We were supposed to go for a trial class on January 26th, but then we had Snowmageddon and we couldn't make it. Then the following week we rescheduled, but then they canceled on us because they had lost power. And finally last Wednesday Mags was still getting over her stomach bug and I didn't want to infect the other little ones. So heck or high water, we were making it to this class this week and I am happy to report that we were successful.

And the class was great. There were about 8 or ten other kids and they are a range of ages. There were a few that just laid there, a few crawlers and a couple walkers. Since this was our first class the teacher asked me where Mags was developmentally and I explained that we were working on sitting unassisted. So I put Maggie down and we started the class......and wouldn't you know it... that sillypants sat completely on her own the entire class!!!!! We even did an activity were the kids were seated in the middle of a parachute and the parents held the edge and walked around the circle, moving the parachute....and she didn't wobble once. Towards the end of the class Maggie did get a little cranky, because I think it was pretty tiring, but what a little trooper.

Since the class she has been sitting very well on her own. She still occasionally wobbles forward because her noggin is very large, but even then she sometimes can correct herself and sit upright again. I tell you, this girl is such a wonder. Every day I am just in awe of all the things that she is learning and accomplishing. Even today, as she was lying on the changing pad she reached down and shoved her foot in her mouth. Oh the wonders never cease!

So what are your plans for this weekend? I am pretty excited because my mom and stepdad are coming up to spend the night on Saturday. It should be a ton o' fun!

Hope this finds you well!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good things come in threes???

Well I know the old adage that bad things happen in threes, so can't it be true for good things as well?

A little while ago I won a BabyLegs giveaway from Dawn over at Mom-a-Logues and yesterday they came in the mail. It was quite the little package. I won a pair of footless tights, a pair of socks and TWO pairs of leg warmers. I am so stoked! We love us some BabyLegs in this house.

Mags modeling some BL she got for Christmas and having a ton of fun with Aunt Tami this past weekend

In this pic, Mags put her arm around Tami like "Hey let's pose like we're buds". Too cute!!!

Also, today I am a guest poster over at Carrie with Children for her Travel Tuesday segment. I think I have expressed my love for the OC....MD and once again, I regale it's wonders. Check it out!


And now universe.....I sit here patiently waiting for good thing #3. Will there be someone knocking at my door with a big check later today??? Oh you want it to be a surprise? Ok I can wait.......

Hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This one goes out to....

the ones I love. Happy Valentine's Day PP and LP! You make everyday feel like Valentine's day, full of love and candy!

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. Hope this finds you well!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't let the door hit ya!

Man am I glad to see that week leave! It was a doozy! So I already talked about Maggie being sick on Tuesday, and well you can guess what came next. I got it on Thursday and Brian got it on Friday. Overall pretty gnarly. So bad that we had to have Brian's mom come over yesterday to help with Mags because we were so sick and we were trying not to re-infect her (thanks Nana).

So we will be spending the majority of the weekend re-couping. My sister is coming over on Sunday to hang out and she's hoping that Mags will be her Valentine. Mags is still considering a few options and she's holding out to see who she should pick. My vote is for Robert Pattinson or Cory Monteith, but hey it's her choice...

So unfortunately peeps, not much to report. Here's hoping this finds you all well!

Have a great weekend!

***Sorry no pics, will make up with next post****

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

Mommy & Mags- Pre-sickness

Unfortunately we have a little sick one on our hands. After a very full and fun weekend, Mags came down with a little (hopefully 24 hour) bug. So the bad new first ( I always pick the bad news first), Mags got sick this afternoon and after a quick visit to the Drs, we are pretty sure that she has the stomach virus that is going around. So I brought her home and put her to bed. We got her up after a couple of hours, gave her some Pedialyte, snuggled a little, had a bath and then we put her back to bed. I am going to get her up in a little while to see if she has a wet diaper and see if she needs some more Pedialyte to stay hydrated.

It was all quite an experience. I knew at some point that Mags would get sick, but I don't think I was prepared for how helpless she looked and how helpless it made me feel. There is basically nothing I can do right now to make her feel better. When she's older there's Pepto, dry toast, Tums, and flat soda (my #1 fave remedy). But for right now, all I can do is try to make her as comfortable as possible and keep her hydrated. I keep flashing back to her looking up at me with her sad, sad eyes as she kept getting sick and I just felt so powerless. Not a fun feeling.

Hopefully this is a passing sickness and I will have my happy, energetic little girl back very soon.....

Onto the good news, I never posted about this on here before, because well I couldn't, but I actually pulled off a surprise birthday party for the hubs on Saturday. I invited a bunch of our friends to a local restaurant/bar, got his favorite cake and some decorations, and somehow managed to keep it all secret for almost a month. A lot of people were surprised that I kept the secret, but the truth is I can KEEP a secret, I just end up figuring/finding secrets out when they pertain to me. That is a whole nother thing!

So the party pretty much went off without a hitch. Brian was very pleasantly surprised and even he was shocked that I was able to keep this secret for so long. We had a great time and I am so glad so many of our friends could make it out to celebrate my awesome guy!

Then Sunday we went to a Superbowl party, where Mags met her potential husband. It was love at first poke! Aaron (the future hubby) sauntered over to Maggie, assessed the situation and promptly poked her in the eye. After getting over her initial anger at this indignity, at the next opportunity, Mags proceed to poke Aaron in the eye. I guess these kids have some things to work out.

It was a great weekend and a ton o' fun was had by all. Now we just need to kick this stomach bug to the curb and things will be a-ok again! Please send healthy vibes our way.

Hope you had a great Tuesday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Your three words

This is going to be quite a jam packed weekend. And the main reason for all the hub-bub, why the Superbowl of course......j/k it's the hubby's birthday! Yep that's right, tomorrow my wonderful hubby is one year older.

So the festivities begin this evening with us heading over to one of our fave restaurants, where Brian claims he is going to eat his face off. He has been craving their fish and chips for awhile now, and he's going to complete the meal with his ultimate fave, a Guiness.

Then tomorrow we are heading over to the in-laws for Brian's traditional Thanksgiving Redux Birthday dinner. This boy loves his turkey and stuffing and he looks forward to having it again on his birthday. We are also leaving Maggie for the first time overnight with her Nana and PopPop. This should be interesting. Mommy is very anxious about it already.

Then on Sunday we are heading over to a friend's house for a Superbowl party. And at this party, Maggie will also be meeting her future husband for the first time. Our friend Kristen, called dibs on our offspring before I was even pregnant. When we found out that it was a girl, the plan was solidified. Kristen has two A-dorable little boys, and her youngest Aaron is just a couple of months older than Mags. They have never met, but we are sure that it will be love at first sight!

So needless to say this weekend is going to be busy, but fun! What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you have great one!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Daddy and Mags, hanging out in the cold

Yep we were hit hard by the recent ice storm. Yesterday morning we lost power for about 5 hours, and when we called in around noon to see the status of our power returning, they said our power would be restored by 11:59.....PM. We immediately started packing up to head over to my in-laws. The house was starting to get really cold and I knew we couldn't last till midnight. So of course as we finish packing and as Brian is warming up the car, the electricity comes back on. Thanks goodness! Brian was home with us all day and we had a ton o' fun. Lots of relaxing and snuggling under the covers.

I am so done with this winter. I am not a big fan of winter to begin with, but all this mess is ridiculous. I am so glad Phil is predicting an early spring, because I am ready. I am even preparing little Mags for the upcoming awesome summer.

How cute is this bathing suit? I LOVE it! Thank you Christmas gift cards!

Come on Memorial Day!!!!!!

Also, want to send a thank you out to Dawn at Mom-a-logues for sponsoring a Babylegs giveaway which I won! I am so stoked, cause I love dressing Magster in some adorable Babylegs.

And finally don't forget about my Shutterfly Giveaway. It ends tomorrow at 12am, so you can hopefully get your Valentine's Day cards in time.

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! We are on our way to the Dr's this afternoon, so wish us luck....


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