Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend rewind - Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

What a weekend we had!!! We did our normal trek south to see my family and Maggie did great!

So the Thanksgiving holiday began for us on Wednesday, since the hubs had off. We got up that morning and got right on the road. We stopped on the way and had lunch with my grandparents. They couldn't get over how active Maggie was, they even compared her to a "perpetual motion machine". Nailed it...LOL!

The next day of course, was Thanksgiving and we had our first dinner with my Grammy and Poppy at 1pm. The highlights of this meal (for me at least) are the dumplings and dressing....YUMMY!! Mags ate with us, and she ate just about everything and she really seemed to enjoy herself. She also had fun playing with her cousins.

Then we headed over to Meemaw and P-Paw's for our second dinner. Highlights there? Rice and beans and the mashed potatoes!! Mags ate again, and had a great time!

More to come about this amazing weekend! Hope you are having a magnificent Monday!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

As per the usual, we are traveling for the holidays and I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a....


Hope you're having a great day wherever you are!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Another awesome weekend has come and gone, but I can't complain too much, because we basically have a 2 day work week and then it's THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Where the heck has this year gone???

Friday night we had a lovely cheese steak dinner and then I watched "Water for Elephants", the book was A LOT better!

Friday night was a little tough for the Magster. She woke up around 4am and I realized that she had wet through her diaper, pjs and all over the sheets. So I changed her, the bed and then put her back to sleep. I was afraid she was up for good, but she ended up falling back to sleep, and we all slept in till 9:45! After our late start morning, I went out an got my hair cut.

Now most of you might not know this, but 1) it is rare that I get my hair cut and 2) I usually just get a trim, of an inch. This day, I got 6 inches taken off. My hair is SHORT. I was really nervous about it, but I like it. Some people may have called it a "mom" hair style, but I don't agree and I think it is cute. So there....LOL!

So after my drastic hair cut, we had a quiet Saturday evening. Sunday morning, Mags was up at 7, but the hubs let me sleep in (what a guy!). Then my sister came over and we went out to lunch and saw "Breaking Dawn" for her birthday. Lunch was delish and the movie was spectacular!!!

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with the always entertaining Magster.

Hope you had a great weekend and that you having a terrific Monday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless/What I Love Wednesday- Linking Up

First, wordless....

And now some words....

There are just some awesome things that I am loving right now that I feel the need to share!

-Counting down the minutes till I get to see Breaking Dawn on Sunday (yes, I am THAT nerd, but no I'm not the nerd camping out to watch it at 12:01Am, so there....LOL), but this got me really excited for another book to movie phenomenon...

- And then there is this song, it is such a feel good, get you on your feet and moving song. If I were a runner (NOT!!!) this would really get me pumped!

-And on the Mag's front, I am LOVING that she is starting to mimic us and her toys...her learning table says "Oh yeah!" at some point and she loves to echo it. What a cutie!!!

- And finally starting to love that the holidays are fast approaching. I'm not really into it yet, but I think once Thanksgiving hits, I will be ready!

What are you loving? Have a great Wednesday!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Rewind

Rewinding it once again on another "glorious" Monday....ugh...Mondays come WAAAAAAY too quick in my opinion.

So what was our weekend like? Pretty relaxing...

Let's start with Thursday, because even though the hubs had to work on Friday, I didn't have to tutor, so it kind of felt a little weekendy (yes, that's a word, don't forget I'm an English teacher!). We had a low key dinner of fish, mac n' cheese and broccoli, and we decided since it seemed pretty Maggie friendly, she should join us. It was a little difficult holding her off until our dinner time, but we managed. As expected, she really enjoyed the macaroni and she liked the fish, too. At first she was eating the broccoli with no problem, then all of a sudden she started spitting it out. Then I tried to mix it in with the macaroni, but she was on to me and ate the macaroni and pulled out the broccoli piece, little stinker!!!! All in all, I think it was a success.

Friday morning, we headed to the library story time, now aka Mommy's workout. Maggie has decided that she doesn't like sitting with Mommy and quietly listening to the stories. She has to be all over the place and getting into everything. It was great!!!!! LOL

On Friday night we had some friends over for pizza and beer and Magster greeted everyone as if they had come to see her (truth, they kind of did...LOL). Big hugs and giggles for each person that walked in. It was hilarious!

Then on Saturday we ran some errands and then we went to the park for a bit. Mags is getting a lot better on the wood chips and rocky terrain and she actually attempted successfully to climb some of the playground equipment. We were really impressed! The real motivation was another little girl on the equipment that she was trying to keep up with. Now this girl was four, so Maggie was trying REALLY hard. She also really liked the girl and felt the need to give her lots of hugs, it was adorable!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing but playing and relaxing. It was awesome!!

How was your weekend? Hope you're having a great Monday!!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Put your fingertips together...

Anyone recognize this one (the title or the gesture)???

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was wonderful! We had no big plans and we took it easy.

Mags walking at the park Friday afternoon

Friday, the hubs got home at a decent hour for once and we actually didn't know what to do with all the extra time...LOL. We spent the majority of it playing with Mags and she seemed to be in seventh heaven. Unfortunately, since during the week we have opposite schedules, Magster seems to really enjoy when we can all spend time together.

Quality time with Daddy

Then on Saturday we headed out to get my new Iphone.....which I LOVE!!! It is so cool and so, so, so very much faster. Really made my day.

The majority of Sunday was spent taking pics for our holiday card. They turned out amazing (thank you, awesome hubster) and I think I made a really cute. Just crossing my fingers that everything works out.

Holiday card preview (you like that face?? LOL)

How was your weekend? Hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Your Three Words

Holiday Picture Time
Christmas 2011
So this weekend we are planning to take our family holiday pics and the board above shows what the plan is for the outfits. The shoes Mags is wearing are actually black, but that was the closest style I could find. And my sweater has buttons and 3/4 length sleeves, but you get the idea.

I haven't decided where we are going to actually take these pics yet. Last year, our great friend Colleen took the pics and we went to a local park. They turned out great, but I don't want the exact same pics as last year...I think I will be researching places today. And this year Brian is going to take the pictures!

Other than that the only big event happening this weekend is that I am getting a new Iphone....Happy Birthday to me!!! My old Iphone is not doing too well and I think it's time to move on. I love the Iphone and can't wait to get the newer version.

But here are a couple of pics from the old Iphone this week.....

Hope that you have a great weekend!!

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