Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Holiday Greetings

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut.  It is still very heavy on my heart, so I'm just stopping in to share the only thing that helps me get through all the sadness.

 If you still need something to lift up your spirit and help to restore some of your faith read this
On that note, Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Gifts for Maggie

So we've been asking Maggie consistently, what she would like for Christmas, and her response every time is, "Two presents."  She asked me last night what I would like for Christmas, and I said, "Pajamas".  So when I asked her, she said, "Pajamas".  Not quite getting it yet.....LOL

Well kid, I hope that you don't mind that we get you a couple more presents....if it's really a problem, we can return them!  LOL

So this is the bulk of it....Some sticker books, educational toys, a personalized Minnie fleece blanket, a doll play yard, big girl undies (princess of course), new crayons and coloring books.

The present that I am most excited for her to open, isn't even from us....

This one is from the grandparents.... Mags has really started to get into her baby dolls, so I think she is going to love this.... I got her the pajamas for the doll. 
I would LOVE it if Mags got into baby dolls, and maybe one day,  the American Girl dolls.  They were a little after my time, but my sister had one that was made to look like her and it was so cute!  We'll see....LOL

I love to see what other kids are getting for Christmas.  What are you giving your children?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

Today I am saying "So What"....

To the fact that I had over 250 people visit my blog yesterday because of a link-up, but only 3 people commented.  I thought the content was "Comment worthy" but maybe I'm biased....LOL (Huge thanks to the 3 guys are the best!)

To the fact that today I tried to be a fashionista, posted an outfit on IG, and was politely told...."Um, no".  I tried to be thrifty while shopping last night and then finished the outfit by shopping my own closet...yea, FAIL. And I won't embarrass myself further by posting the outfit here...LOL

To the fact that if I'm being honest, I do not enjoy hanging out outside.  If I had it my way, we would stay inside ALL THE TIME.  But I know that isn't healthy, especially for a little girl.  Everyone needs some Vitamin D and fresh air.  So we went out today, and it didn't completely stink for me.....Mags was in seventh heaven.

To the fact that I am totally completely stressing over the fact that I have to bake/cook for our MOPS meeting this upcoming Tuesday.  I have been scouring Pinterest for months, and I think I found the easiest, yummiest least I hope!

French Toast Casserole
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Egg & Sausage casserole
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Wish me luck.....
So What Wednesday

With the holidays officially less than two weeks away, I am really worried about all of us getting sick.  I have been sick over a couple of Christmases and it is NO fun.  We really should have been taking vitamins this year to boost our immunity!  I guess it wouldn't be that bad if there were gummy vitamins for adults.  The multivitamin that I was taking most recently, was like a horse pill!  Not fun!  Oh well, guess we will have our fingers crossed and say our prayers for good health!

Hope you're having a great day!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Hello! Hope you're having a great Tuesday....{insert obligatory "Oh My Goodness, I can't believe that Christmas is two weeks from today..."}

Side note: Right now, my daughter is trying to coax the cat out from under the tree to read her a book....and just to make that clear, Maggie wants the cat to read HER a book.....LOL

Christmas traditions...there are many that a lot of families participate in, but then just about every family has traditions that are special for them.

On my Dad's side of the family, a couple of years ago we started a White Elephant exchange.  The first year, it was pretty tame because no one knew what to do, but then the jokesters of the family took over.  One year, someone brought a bunch of stuff from infomercials.  There have been silly games, crazy ties and a few re-gifted treasures....but for the most part, it is a Ravens free for all (my family is from MD).  There have been some really tense swaps trying to get the most prized Ravens item that year.

Mags hangs out with Unka Ben and Aunt Lauren during the White Elephant last year...

Then on my mom's side of the family, we have a big get together on Christmas Eve, where someone reads "The Night Before Christmas" and then Santa actually makes an appearance.  He comes with bells that he needs someone to ring and he hands out a few presents before he has to leave to get on the road.
Christmas Eve 2010

This is not Mags reaction to Santa, she had just lost her pacifier...LOL

And then on the hub's side, they have a couple of traditions....the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we all get together to help decorate the in laws house, and then we go out for Italian food (it used to be Olive Garden, but this year we went to a local Italian place, Toscana).

Sort of helping this year.....
The other big tradition they have is the 12 days of Elf presents.  This is Brian's grandmother, who loves Christmas so much, she needs to start giving presents weeks before.  It started when Brian was young, and he was told that it would end when he went to college, then it was when he got married, then we were told it would end when we had kids....we still got presents this year....LOL. 
We started giving Maggie her presents on Sunday, since we will be away for a couple of days....
Here's Mags opening her Elf present this was a Snoopy ornament with some peanut butter cups (I told her it was just an ornament....LOL....I do plan on letting her having the chocolate, I just didn't want her begging for them before breakfast.....LOL)
And then our little family tradition (which I think a lot of people do) is making sure to watch our favorite holiday movies.  So far we've watched Charlie Brown, "Elf", "Grinch", "Polar Express" and this Friday we have "Rudolph' on the schedule.  These movies remind us of fond childhood memories and we love being able to share them with Mags. 

So what are some holiday traditions you have with your family?
Have a great day!


Monday, December 10, 2012

This Weekend

Ok quick catch up....
LAST weekend.... We got to see Grammy and Poppy for a bit, we relaxed all day Saturday and had yummy Crockpot Loaded Baked Potato soup and then watched "Elf".   Sunday we met up with Grammy and Poppy for a delicious breakfast, and then we hung out the rest of the day.

Ok so THIS past weekend....
We went and saw the big guy.....SANTA....I know him!!!

Waiting in line...super excited

And this was the best (and it is a pretty good pic) but right after this she started getting upset....Not sure why
After Santa, we headed over to a local Christmas shop/garden center, Feeney's, that has tons of decorations and knick knacks and they even have a few real animals for the nativity.   The hubs went there every year when he was younger, so it was a fun tradition to keep. Mags loved walking around and looking at "all the stuff", she said.

Then we went back to the in-laws for lunch and "Home Alone".  Then we went out for dinner and then headed home.  Yesterday, was our last quiet weekend day before the craziness begins.  Hubs mads a huge breakfast, as our sort of Christmas breakfast, since we won't be home to have anything like that.  It was SUPER yummy.  That night we had amazing hot chocolate (also thanks to the hubs) and watched "Polar Express".  So much fun!!!
And this also happened this weekend....
A month earlier than planned, because someone decided to attempt getting out of her crib by herself, Saturday morning.....
Another great weekend for the memory books!!  
How was your weekend??

The Spirit

As I talked about on Wednesday, a couple of things have been weighing me down and messing with my Christmas mojo....
Now Christmas hasn't always been an easy time for me, regardless. I have two sets of parents to make sure that I spend equal time with, buying gifts always makes me anxious that the person won't like what I bought them, and addressing Christmas cards is the bane of my existence (pretty trivial issues, but they make they can make the holidays a little less fun).....

But as luck would have it, I married Mr. Christmas....My husband started talking about buying Christmas presents in September, not only because it was helpful financially, but because he honestly cannot contain himself....LOL. 
He even loves wrapping and doing the majority of the decorating....I am so blessed.  I have said before that I don't agree with the "he completes me" notion, but it does seem that where I lack, he shines.  Christmas is most definitely one of those times.

His enthusiasm is so infectious that you can't help get caught up in it.  It makes me smile just to think about it! 
And now that we have a little one, it just that much more fun.

This would be Maggie attempting to put her stocking on as a sock....LOL
Having these two in my life makes me so thankful everyday and they make the holidays wondrous. 
I couldn't love them any more.....

Hope you're having a great day!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Exactly two weeks and one day after the fact, I present Thanksgiving 2012....

We headed out early Wednesday morning to my Mom's house.  We made it there in record time and Mags did pretty well.  We joked that if we have another kid, it is probably going to be the devil and a horrible traveler...LOL

We got there in time for some lunch.  My bestie came over for a visit and it was a nice afternoon.  Then that evening my brother and sister-in-law made it in and we hung out that night.

Thanksgiving morning, Mags was up at her normal time (doesn't she know holidays are meant for sleeping in???) and we had breakfast, and hung out with Grammy and Unka Ben!  Then it was time for the Macy's parade.  Mags actually watched it for awhile and then she was done.  That was ok, because around that time it was time to get dressed and ready to eat.

Now for the majority of the month leading up to Thanksgiving, we had been talking about what the day was all about, giving thanks, being with family and the FOOD.  Mags loved reciting the list of food and one morning, when I went to get her up for the day she told me that she had dreamt about cranberry sauce that night....Well, I guess that was a little sign, because the cranberry sauce was her fave!  She ate a little bit of everything and had a great time.  Then it was on to Round 2 at my Dad's house...

It was another round of yummy food and fun times.  Mags had a great time. She REALLY enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies....LOL. 
She is just too cool!!!
Mags went down pretty easily that night and since I had just a few more people to get Christmas presents for, I decided to go out for the first time with my Stepmother and sister for Black Friday shopping....actually Thursday, because we left at 10:30 that night and we didn't get back till 5:30 on was brutal.  I did get all the gifts I needed, but the minute I walked into the room we were sharing with Maggie to finally go to sleep, she woke up.  At 5:30 AM....luckily I have a saint for a husband and he went to bed early on Thursday because he knew this would happen....LOL

Needless to say the rest of Friday was spent relaxing, and then that night we went and saw "Breaking Dawn" (my second time). 

Saturday was another relaxing morning and the we headed home.

We timed it pretty well and someone (me included) took a nice nap on the way home.


We spent the rest of Saturday decorating our house.


Then on Sunday we headed over to the in laws to help with their decorating.

Overall, a busy but super fun weekend!!!  And a great kickoff to the holiday season.
Hope you're having a great day!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What Wednesday!

Today I decided to link up with Shannon over at Life after I Dew, because I am feeling the need to say....

SO WHAT.....'s December 5th and I STILL haven't posted about Thanksgiving.
...I have had my Christmas cards for over two weeks now, and I only have half addressed and I can't get motivated to finish them.
...that over the past four months I have been up for two full time jobs, that I didn't get.  That I went through all the tumult of thinking about going back to work, putting Maggie in daycare, even visiting a ton of daycares, making peace with the fact that she would have to go there, and then getting rejected, twice.... the fact that I because haven't been able to get a full time job, it means that we are stuck in our tiny condo and because of that and the fact that we are not financially ready, we can't even THINK about trying to have another baby.
...that everyone around me seems to be able to survive on their one income and have a ton more babies, and everyone around me is now having their second baby (at least).
...that all these things are really weighing me down and putting a damper on the holidays for me.
...that I don't like spewing on the blog, but these things are the reason that I haven't really posted in a while, and I kind of felt, that if I didn't post about them, I wouldn't be able to post about anything.

It feels good to get that off my chest.

Now a cute Maggie pic, to lighten the mood...


So What Wednesday

Hope you're having a great day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh Maggie

Just a little something to brighten your day.....Hoping to be back soon with the Thanksgiving wrap-up.

Just a little homage to the insane funniness found here.

Have a great day.  It's snowing here....Boo.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning

Good Morning!  Hope that you had a great weekend.  This week went by so fast and of course the weekend went by in a minute!

So LAST weekend we were at the beach, helping the in-laws clean up from Sandy.  We were so lucky that there wasn't any damage to the house and all we had to do was clean up the crawl space under the house.  So we spent a couple of hours cleaning that up and the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing!
Holding her PopPop's hand, Maggie couldn't be any happier!!

We also used the beautiful day on Sunday to take our Christmas card photos.  Brian edited them on Monday, I ordered them that night and I had them by Thursday!  Gotta love Shutterfly!!!

We used this weekend to get ready for the holidays! During nap time on Saturday, we had a huge toy purge and we went through our living room and cleaned everything up to get ready to decorate this upcoming Saturday.
Toy purge means finding toys that were lost or forgotten about....almost like a mini Christmas!
Then after getting everything together, I got to meet up with some friends to see Breaking Dawn II.  It was awesome and also super special, because I have gone with my one friend to see the last three movies and at the first one we saw together on November 21, 2009, I shared with her that I had just found out that morning that I was pregnant!  I was so excited and nervous, and we spent the whole lunch before the movie giggling and marveling at the craziness!!!

And now three years later, we have soooo much to be thankful for...
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Schtuff

Hello!  Happy Friday!!! VERY happy that this week is over!

Couple of randoms roaming the ol' noggin....

Like, me being late to the party on a few things...
With my birthday money this year I purchased a few scarves and a belt...paired with my bright red skinny cords and boots....fashionista-ville here I come!

Also, in fashion "news" I got my first pair of Toms....Anyone know where I sign up for my hipster mom bumper sticker??

Starting to jump on the bandwagon that is "Modern Family"...I heart Phil Dunphy ....he is such a nerd (said with much affection)!  I think I'm going to go back and watch it from the beginning on Netflix!

I have loved Band of Horses for some time now, but I just discovered this song and it has been on repeat for the past two days...

Bad Mommy?.... Maggie's fave songs right now are:
"Diamonds"/Rhianna (or Rhiannon as I called her, and my husband corrected me)
"Party Rock Anthem"/LMFAO (not telling her what that means, she would be mimicking that all OVER the place)
"Glad you came"/One Direction
"As Long as You Love Me"/Justin Bieber

But to hopefully redeem my "hipster" cred, she also likes
"I Won't give up"/Jason Mraz
"Home"/Philip Phillips
and all things Adele....
and of course we can't forget "It's a Small World", which is still in heavy rotation....

A Disney commercial came on, and with one glimpse of the castle, Maggie was screaming "Didney World"!!!  LOL

A few Maggie-isms:
We started talking about Thanksgiving and listing all the good food we are going to have and she says dressing as "dresser"....LOL
She is really starting to put our whole family together (and that's no small feat because there are A LOT of people) and she groups them together perfectly, along with their pet(s)!

And finally, this is my sister's senior year of college and with her graduation coming up this spring, it makes me think about my college time.  I loved it!  And I would go back for my Master's in a heart beat, but it is sooo expensive!  And don't even get me started on how much the text books cost!  If I were to go back, before buying anything, I would look into a place like Slug Books. I would defintely try to find my books at the best cost!

Hope that this finds you well!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Have a great one!!!


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