Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Monday

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Things are going pretty good over here.  We had a pretty fun weekend.  Saturday was pretty relaxed.  We didn't have dance because the school was closed.  What's that you say?  What dance am I referring to?  Oh nothing big, we just have a prima ballerina in training over here.....LOL

So the story of this pic.  We left for dance and I had Mags dressed in her "street" clothes, because I thought she should change at the dance studio.  But unfortunately, we got lost and we were late for the class, so I was only able to put on her ballet slippers before the class.  So I got the one pic of her in the class, and when we got home I had to put her in the outfit and get a good pic!  Oh my, what a mess!  But Mags loves the class and we are happy to have this opportunity.  

So back to this weekend.  We did some errands on Saturday and Maggie looked too cool for school...

Then on Sunday we went apple picking.  We never got around to doing this in the past, so we were excited to try it.  We got about 6lbs of apples and fun was had by all!

I have a little slideshow of all the pics from the day on Instagram, but I have no idea how to upload that here.  So just follow me on Instagram (@sbetteridge)! 

Hope you had a great weekend!


Dawn said...

Ahhh, such a cute little ballerina!! haha..the story of getting lost and being late is seriously the story of my life. ;)

Mags is getting so big - love following along with you on IG!

Karli Bell said...

oh my goodness. you're little dancer! i can't wait until my gal is old enough for gymnastics. little girls in leotards are just the best! i found your blog via five on friday. yay! can't wait to read more.

Karli Bell said...

your little ballerina is a doll! i can't wait until my gal is old enough for gymnastics. leotards are the best! found your blog via the five on friday linkup. yay!


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