Monday, August 27, 2012

The Final 2nd Birthday Party

So last, but assuredly not least, we had a third 2nd birthday for Mags with our PA family and friends.
And since it was two weeks before we went to Disney, we did the Mickey theme one more time.
We had so much fun and were happy to have a lot of people to help us celebrate!

Maggie's betrothed...our friends called dibs before I even got pregnant...looks promising...LOL

As I said, a great time!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!



Andrea said...

I LOVE her dress!

~Dawn~ said...

Loving the birthday cake ""Oh TWO dles! :) so cute. I also love the red frosting on her lips - lovely lipstick !:)

What a lucky little two year old! :)

Lindsay said...

Too cute! I love the "Oh Two-dles!" Maggie looks like she had a great time and, aww, what a cute future couple! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great birthday parties! So happy to see her smiling so much!


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