Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maggie's 1st Haircut

Hello! So another fun and rather important milestone that we accomplished a couple weeks ago, was getting Maggie's 1st haircut.

Now I think we could all agree that Maggie doesn't have a ton of hair.  When she was born, the first thing the Dr. said when he held her up was, "We got a cueball here!".  LOL

So the little bit of hair that Mags has now has been a long time coming and we didn't want to do anything crazy, but we did have quite a mullet situation going on. We explained the situation to my MIL's hair stylist and she agreed that a little trim would probably remedy the problem.

I present for your consideration, a glimpse into our future...about 13 years down the road...."Mom, please....."

And now for the hair, as you can see her bangs were in her eyes....

MUCH longer in the back....

And she also has a shorter layer growing on top....Oh and about 50 bajillion cowlicks....
So we made our way over to the hair salon.  I had a feeling that this would not be a ton of fun for Mags, so we had Mickey cued up on Daddy's phone. 

Nope, didn't want to sit in the seat by herself.  I didn't think she would, but I thought we could give it a try....

This was the main problem....Mags kept turning her head to see what was going on....honestly, I have no idea how the stylist did it!  LOL
 And here are the results...

Overall, I think it turned out great.  She wasn't too traumatized and it came out really cute. 

So now that the school year is upon us, I am back to tutoring.  Mostly reading and writing help.  I did some GED test prep over the summer, but I have never done anything like GMAT prep.  I try to stick to things that I know a lot about and the GMAT is not one of them!  I am happy to get back to my tutoring and helping my students.

Hope you're having a great day!

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Andrea said...

She looks adorable! I am dreading Quinn's first hair cut!


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