Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

Today I am saying "So What"....

To the fact that I had over 250 people visit my blog yesterday because of a link-up, but only 3 people commented.  I thought the content was "Comment worthy" but maybe I'm biased....LOL (Huge thanks to the 3 guys are the best!)

To the fact that today I tried to be a fashionista, posted an outfit on IG, and was politely told...."Um, no".  I tried to be thrifty while shopping last night and then finished the outfit by shopping my own closet...yea, FAIL. And I won't embarrass myself further by posting the outfit here...LOL

To the fact that if I'm being honest, I do not enjoy hanging out outside.  If I had it my way, we would stay inside ALL THE TIME.  But I know that isn't healthy, especially for a little girl.  Everyone needs some Vitamin D and fresh air.  So we went out today, and it didn't completely stink for me.....Mags was in seventh heaven.

To the fact that I am totally completely stressing over the fact that I have to bake/cook for our MOPS meeting this upcoming Tuesday.  I have been scouring Pinterest for months, and I think I found the easiest, yummiest least I hope!

French Toast Casserole
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Egg & Sausage casserole
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Wish me luck.....
So What Wednesday

With the holidays officially less than two weeks away, I am really worried about all of us getting sick.  I have been sick over a couple of Christmases and it is NO fun.  We really should have been taking vitamins this year to boost our immunity!  I guess it wouldn't be that bad if there were gummy vitamins for adults.  The multivitamin that I was taking most recently, was like a horse pill!  Not fun!  Oh well, guess we will have our fingers crossed and say our prayers for good health!

Hope you're having a great day!



Lindsay said...

Aww man, I bet your outfit was just fine! If anything, I'd be impressed...I spend all day in my husband's old t-shirts and leggings. SHAMEFUL, haha.

Deanna said...

I'm the same way with comments. The posts that I think are a home run and should get tons of comments are the ones that are the most bare. The posts that I wonder if anyone will even still read me after I post it- those are the ones that get the comments. lol. It makes no sense to me!

Also- I'm very much an INSIDE person. I hear you on that one!

TeeTee Lynn said...

You can take two of the gummy Flintstone vitamins as an adult! It even says so on the bottle. Nora, Dan, and I all take the same vitamins actually...Nora gets one, and Dan and I both take two. We are classy people (and I hate horse pills). :)


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