Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays Begin

A little late, but here are the past weekend's happenings! We started our holiday fun, and we started it off right!!!!

This weekend we hung out with my Dad and his side of the family. We went down south on Saturday and Maggie did pretty well, right up until the very end. But I can't blame her, it is a looooong ride! LOL. Saturday was pretty low key and we spent some of it twirling....


We love our pretty purple tutu from our Aunt Tami!!!


We spent some of it loving on the doggies.....


We had fun with the next door neighbors granddaughter, Asha....(they were so cute together)!

Then on Sunday we got up, had a great breakfast and opened presents!


We also spent some reading time with Uncle Ben!

Later we went over to our family's party.

Walking all over the place....there is nothing we love better than exploring some new surroundings!


Well, maybe giving hugs....that is right up there, too!!!


And hanging out with Uncle Ben and Aunt Lauren...they're pretty cool!

So tonight officially began all of our Christmas breaks. Brian's last day was Tuesday, but I had to tutor tonight, so as of right now, we are all officially on break! feels great. Tomorrow is going to be all about cleaning and packing, and then Friday we head back down south for my mom's Christmas.

I have to give a shout out to MeeMaw for sending me the pics from the weekend, because I didn't take one picture! What a nerd!!! I will definitely do better for the rest of the festivities!!!

Hope that you are having a great Wednesday!!!!


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