Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving-The End

Oy vey....did this week get away from me! It's like I blinked and it was Thursday! So I guess I should finish up the Thanksgiving weekend recap....

So Friday, we all just hung out with Mags and relaxed. Magster had pizza for the first time, but I made sure to have her eat her veggies first before all the cheesey goodness.

Saturday, we relaxed in the morning and started packing up. We left my dad's around 1:30 and we got home around 5pm. Our ride home was uneventful (thankfully) and we were so glad to get home.

After dinner we played with Maggie and then put her down for the night. Taking advantage of the toddler-free time, we decorated the house. We had talked about how involved we wanted Mags to be in the decorating this year, we agreed that it would probably be a lot more hassle than fun, for all of us. So we decided to do it together and next year she'll be old enough to pitch in.

On Sunday, we got up a little early and headed to my in-laws for the annual tradition of decorating their tree. This time Mags was up for the tree decorating, but for the most she seemed pretty disinterested. I like to dress Mags up a little Christmasy for the tree decorating, so here she is in some Christmas green overalls (that were her father's) and a red trimmed turtleneck. She looked adorable.

After the decorating, the second part of the tradition is a trip to the Olive Garden. Mags got her first kid's meal of ravioli and broccoli. I fed her some of the broccoli first and then I mixed it in with the ravioli. She did really well and she really seemed to enjoy the food and the company. It was a great time.

Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend and we really enjoyed spending time with our family, near and far.

Hope you are having a great first day of December and Thursday!


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