Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pool Party 1st Birthday

Hola Amigos! Hope everyone up here in the North is doing ok after the earthquake. Seriously if it hadn't been for Facebook and my MIL texting us about it, we would have never known. We were out and about today, and we didn't feel a thing. Oh well, that's fine by me!!!

So I'm picking up where I left off on the 1st birthday front. Need to give a fair share to all of the amazing parties that little Magster had.

Saturday, July 30th, we had Mag's birthday party at the country club my dad and step-mom belong to. We continued with the cupcake theme, used the same decorations and she wore the same outfit. The major addition to this party??? A Pool!!!! Mags has been in the pool a few times and LOVES it, and this day was no exception.

Little girl, in a big pool

Well there was one exception...this club had a rather large kiddie pool, and when we put Mags in her float in the kiddie pool, it allowed her to touch the bottom and walk around. She was in heaven!!!! She was zooming all over the place and at one point she tried to get out of the float, I think because she wanted to walk on her own.....LOL. She had so much fun! We all did!

Look at me!!!!

It was a great time!

The "Oh-so-yummy I may have had two" cupcakes

Keeping an eye on people trying to steal my cupcake!

Leaning in for P-Paw kissesAlign Center

How old is Maggie??? ONE!!!!

Right after the party we packed up the car and it was off to the other side of MD for the party at Grammy and Poppy's house. Full report on that party later this week!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


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