Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

WooHoo! Friday has arrived! What is about long weekend that make the week afterwards seem all out of whack and somewhat longer? Eh, whatever, on to the WEEKEND!!!

So our plans for this weekend are pretty low key.  Relaxing tonight and catching up on the week's TV shows.  Tomorrow we are headed out to apple and pumpkin pick.  We are going to the same place we went last year, so there will also be caramel apples and they supposedly have AH-mazing pumpkin ice we shall see!  And then Sunday, more relaxing.

As for the dumping of my brain....
Please send some "cooking" thoughts my way as I will be attempting not one, but two, crock pot recipes this weekend...Just a quick recap for anyone who doesn't know, I don't cook, and I know using a crock pot is not really cooking per se, but I have also never used my crock pot before.  We got it as a wedding gift (shout out to the hubs, as our 4th anniversary was yesterday, Love you Nerd!) and it has been used twice, by my husband for his awesome winter chili (don't tell but the secret ingredient is Guiness....).  So I'm not sure how this is going to go.  Any tips or recommendations?

So the recipe for Saturday is Crock pot Baked Potato Soup.

The Ingredients

I also got some green onion, bacon and crusty bread for dipping...I really hope it turns out!

And Sunday I am attempting "Tater tot Casserole", which I found in a Fix it and Forget it cookbook, but I first heard about it on the Duggars (or 19 Kids and Counting) and have always wanted to try it.  Wish me luck!

Enough about cooking and onto the cuteness, and a little bit of a head scratcher...

For about a year now, Mags has been adamant about not going on the swings.  Turns out it was the "baby" swing that she isn't a fan of...Big kid swing, with Mommy barely pushing her because of her terrible anxiety, that is where it's at!  Heaven help me!


And this...

Hello, my name is Sarah and I suffer from "Always looking for the next great book, so that I am currently in the middle of three books, because I keep getting more books".  Guys, this is serious.  I think the issues is that right now I am feeling a little unsettled and having a hard time focusing on reading.  These days, I actually find it more relaxing just perusing bookshelves, reviews and Goodreads, for more books, than actually reading them. 

But oh well, this too shall pass.
Any great plans for the weekend?  Hope you have a great one!

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~Dawn~ said...

I have SIX crock pots and they have only been used as warmers - never to actually COOK something in. I'm terrible. I hate cooking. I always joke with my husband that that's half the reason I married him...because he can cook. HAHA
Good luck with your cooking adventures this weekend :)

Happy anniversary to you and the hubs!!! :)

And Mags looks SO HAPPY on that big girl swing.

I am just starting the 3rd book for the 50 shades series and then I'm going to read The Help.


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