Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday - On the Radar

Good Monday morning to you! How was your weekend? Ours was fun and relaxing. We had a quiet Friday evening and on Saturday the in-laws came up to go out for dinner. Then when we got home, the hubs and I watched "The Avengers".  It was good, but we both agree that the new "Batman" was a lot better. Sunday was anothering relaxing day.  The perfect way to end the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

So what is on my radar these days?
Well little Miss Magster turned 26 months on Thursday.   I'm not doing "official" updates anymore, but I don't want to let it pass completely unnoticed...
The other day I took a look at her 14 month update and it had her 2 month pic for comparison.  Oh man, I thought there were a lot of changes then....LOL

Really can't get over it....
From an itsy bitsy baby, to a jegging Phillie's fan, to Miss Shaggy hair silly pants....Where has the time gone?
So what's up this month?  Just a whole lot of increased communication, discipline and overall fun.
Mag's communication is really advancing, I would have to say more and more everyday!  She mimics everything we say and is starting to understand A LOT!  Yesterday, she wanted to be story time lady and sat in the chair and invited me to "Sit down everybody it's story time.".  Ack, I LOVE this pretending.  And then I pulled out some Disney dress up shoes that she got for her birthday...forget about it.  She loves toddling around in them all over the place and I dare say, she walks better in heels than I do (not saying much....).   
But also, this age is a challenge, I'm not going to sugar coat it one bit, discipline is tricky!  I think Mandy over at Harper's Happening, summed it up best when she characterized toddlers as sour patch kids, especially with their new ad campaign, "First their sour and then their sweet.".  That my friends is a two year old, it volleys every minute (on my part) from such intense love and pride to utter frustration and embarrassment.  And there are more things that we can do, but then some of the things we used to do are becoming more difficult with a greater sense of awareness.  Let's just say it's an adventure and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Just an example of the sweet....

And her official monthday pic...example of the struggle...this one pic took about 30 minutes to get....

And now for some things on my radar....
LOVE the new Mumford & Sons album.  The single "I Will Wait" has been out for about a month, and the whole family, especially Mags, are big fans.  Now that the entire album is out, Brian and I agree that "Babel" is probably the standout, but Mags still loves to belt out, "I will wait, I will wait, I will wait for you!".

And since I seem to have a thing for British period dramas, I caught the new to the US, "Call the Midwife" last night and I am hooked.  It is so smart and interesting, I was so engrossed I only looked at the clock once and it was almost over.  Can't wait to watch more.

Also, just finished Mitch Albom's, The Timekeeper.  It was a super easy read with some really strong points on time and how to really savor it, told in a The Alchemist way.  I did not like The Alchemist, but I really enjoyed this book.  I would recommend it.

So those are the main things on my radar these days!
Hope that you're having a great day!


Andrea said...

OMG I have been listening to the Mumford album on repeat! So good!

Lindsay said...

We've been listening to Mumford and Sons all the time, too!


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