Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Schtuff

Hello!  Happy Friday!!! VERY happy that this week is over!

Couple of randoms roaming the ol' noggin....

Like, me being late to the party on a few things...
With my birthday money this year I purchased a few scarves and a belt...paired with my bright red skinny cords and boots....fashionista-ville here I come!

Also, in fashion "news" I got my first pair of Toms....Anyone know where I sign up for my hipster mom bumper sticker??

Starting to jump on the bandwagon that is "Modern Family"...I heart Phil Dunphy ....he is such a nerd (said with much affection)!  I think I'm going to go back and watch it from the beginning on Netflix!

I have loved Band of Horses for some time now, but I just discovered this song and it has been on repeat for the past two days...

Bad Mommy?.... Maggie's fave songs right now are:
"Diamonds"/Rhianna (or Rhiannon as I called her, and my husband corrected me)
"Party Rock Anthem"/LMFAO (not telling her what that means, she would be mimicking that all OVER the place)
"Glad you came"/One Direction
"As Long as You Love Me"/Justin Bieber

But to hopefully redeem my "hipster" cred, she also likes
"I Won't give up"/Jason Mraz
"Home"/Philip Phillips
and all things Adele....
and of course we can't forget "It's a Small World", which is still in heavy rotation....

A Disney commercial came on, and with one glimpse of the castle, Maggie was screaming "Didney World"!!!  LOL

A few Maggie-isms:
We started talking about Thanksgiving and listing all the good food we are going to have and she says dressing as "dresser"....LOL
She is really starting to put our whole family together (and that's no small feat because there are A LOT of people) and she groups them together perfectly, along with their pet(s)!

And finally, this is my sister's senior year of college and with her graduation coming up this spring, it makes me think about my college time.  I loved it!  And I would go back for my Master's in a heart beat, but it is sooo expensive!  And don't even get me started on how much the text books cost!  If I were to go back, before buying anything, I would look into a place like Slug Books. I would defintely try to find my books at the best cost!

Hope that this finds you well!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Have a great one!!!

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~Dawn~ said...

Ok....Modern Family now compared to Modern Family 1st Season does not even compare. Yes, it's still funny now, but that first season was THE.BEST! Please go back and watch it on NetFlix.

Also, you are WAY cooler/hip than me. I do rock the skinnies from time to time, but I don't own a pair of Toms or any cute belts. Way to be HIP, Mama! You deserve that bumper sticker. lol

And Maggie in those gold shoes....I.DIE!

Have a great weekend :)


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