Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning

Good Morning!  Hope that you had a great weekend.  This week went by so fast and of course the weekend went by in a minute!

So LAST weekend we were at the beach, helping the in-laws clean up from Sandy.  We were so lucky that there wasn't any damage to the house and all we had to do was clean up the crawl space under the house.  So we spent a couple of hours cleaning that up and the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing!
Holding her PopPop's hand, Maggie couldn't be any happier!!

We also used the beautiful day on Sunday to take our Christmas card photos.  Brian edited them on Monday, I ordered them that night and I had them by Thursday!  Gotta love Shutterfly!!!

We used this weekend to get ready for the holidays! During nap time on Saturday, we had a huge toy purge and we went through our living room and cleaned everything up to get ready to decorate this upcoming Saturday.
Toy purge means finding toys that were lost or forgotten about....almost like a mini Christmas!
Then after getting everything together, I got to meet up with some friends to see Breaking Dawn II.  It was awesome and also super special, because I have gone with my one friend to see the last three movies and at the first one we saw together on November 21, 2009, I shared with her that I had just found out that morning that I was pregnant!  I was so excited and nervous, and we spent the whole lunch before the movie giggling and marveling at the craziness!!!

And now three years later, we have soooo much to be thankful for...
Hope you have a great day!


Andrea said...

What a difference! She is getting so big!

~Dawn~ said...

Gotta love toy purging. :)

What did you think of Breaking Dawn II? I am going this coming excited.


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