Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

So I know this is about a week late, but first there was Sandy and then there was my birthday, so here's the Halloween post....LOL!

As for Sandy, we really lucked out that we only lost power for about 6 hours total on Monday.  It was annoying, but nothing compared to the devastation elsewhere.  And the shore house in Brigantine, also made it through the storm relatively unscathed....we feel really blessed and fortunate.

Brian's school was closed until Thursday and my tutoring was closed as well.  I was curious what effect it would all have on Halloween.  I know that shouldn't be a real concern, but we had been talking to Mags about Halloween for over a month and I knew she would enjoy it, so I wanted her to have the chance, but of course, I would have understood if it was canceled or rescheduled.   But once again lucky for us, Halloween was on!

I hadn't said anything to Mags about Trick or Treating until I got the word that it was a go, and then when I brought it up she got super excited.  We decided to head out while it was still light out and we saw other kids out and about, so we followed suit.
Mags wasn't a fan of the ears and they kept falling off anyway, so we just put them on for a quick pic...

This is Mags inspecting her pumpkin and informing me that it is "hempty"...
Mags was really on board this year, and seemed to understand it.  She knew to go up to the houses and knock on the doors.  We had to remind her to say "Trick or Treat", she would normally say "Please".  She always said, "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween".  We did have to discuss only taking one piece of candy when the bowl was offered, but she got it after awhile.

In my opinion, we made it to a lot of houses for a two year old.  I think she would have pushed herself to go to more houses for "MORE CANDY" (which she kept yelling) but we could tell that she was fading.  Escpecially when she asked me to "Carry you me", I knew she was done.  I offered that Daddy could carry her pumpkin if she was tired, but as Brian said, "There's no way she's letting go of that candy!!!".
We made it home and inspected the loot.  Mags had one piece, a bath and then it was off to bed.  Overall, a VERY successful Halloween.  So. much. fun!

Hope you're having a great day!


~Dawn~ said...

So happy you all survived the storm. So scary!! We have been thinking and praying for everyone that has been hit by Sandy.

Halloween seemed to be a total hit with the little Magster. She is the cutest little Minnie Mouse that I've seen. :)

Anonymous said...

Love her costume!! My daughter was fun this year too! We had lots of rain and it was cold too!!


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