Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh and another thing.....


Trust me, I am as shocked as you. Right after we got back last year, I have to admit we almost immediately started talking about when/if we would be able to go back.  We weren't sure what would happen, but after the New Year, Brian's grandmother started talking about going back in 2014.  We started looking at schedules and trying to decide which would be the best for us crowd wise and Vacation Club points-wise.  We considered January (but Brian couldn't take anymore time off), March (but the points were really high then) and finally decided that August would be our best bet again.  So it was in motion that we would heading down NEXT August.


Well then some family things transpired, that aren't really worth mentioning, Brian's grandmother (MomMom) got a bee in her bonnet, and a couple of Fridays ago I got a call from her at 10 am. 
"I just booked Disney for us this August." 
"Oh that's great, when are you guys going? (thinking she's referring to her and Pop)" 
"When does Brian have off between camp and school?" 
"UUUUUHHHHHHH, let me check".  I check his calendar and they work with the dates she's booked.

So it's official.  We're heading down in mid-August, staying at the Saratoga Springs Resort, and we're going to the parks for 5 days (one more day than last year).  It was all very sudden, but we couldn't be happier!  I feel so lucky and blessed! 
The countdown I started on my phone

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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~Dawn~ said...

SOOOO EXCITING!! I know how much you all love Disney!!


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