Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Planning and Horsin' Around

So yes, it is another Monday and this Monday is 44 days until Mag's birthday, my last Monday of regular evening tutoring and 5 days until we go to the beach. And how do I feel about these occurrences??? Joyful, excited, anxious and sentimental...happy and anxious...and just plain elated and excited.

We are still in the planning mode for Maggie's birthday(s) but the dates are set. We will have her PA birthday on the 23rd at the in-laws' house. That will be a simple bbq with family and friends. The next party is in MD and it will be on the 30th, at the country club my dad and step mom belong to and it will be cupcake themed. And last but definitely not least, she will have a MD birthday party on the 31st, that will be at my mom's and for that, we are thinking about a princess theme.

As for the fashion, my little diva/princess has three different special birthday outfits. There is a candy pink pettiskirt (that my MIL is making) with a cupcake necklace tee. There is a cupcake shirt and polka dot pants. And there is also a gorgeous pink dress that used to be mine, that my mother saved.

And finally for the decorations we are planning on a special birthday hat, some cupcake toppers, a welcome sign and my best friend has offered to make her a fabric, pennant banner.

Plans are officially underway people, this is really happening....ACCCCCKKKKK!

Ok enough about that, let's talk about the weekend....

This past weekend was nice and relaxing, just what we needed. Especially me...I am fighting some sinus thing, that per the uge (for you my love) has infected my ear and is giving me serious vertigo. This happens to me ALL the time and it seriously stinks. So I am all about the nasal spray and decongestants, because I hate being sick (obvi) and I want to get better before the weekend. I have things to do, sinus pressure, that do NOT involve feeling like crap because of you!

So Saturday we vegged hardcore. We watched "Kick Ass", which I think was unfortunately mis-marketed to young adults because it was not appropriate for that age group AT ALL.

Sidenote: It's really interesting for me to see how my perspective has seriously changed since I became a parent. I don't consider myself a stick in the mud, but I have become hypersensitive to the marketing of inappropriate material to children/teenagers. I am slowly but surely getting through the Hunger Games trilogy and it really upsets me that these ultra-violent books are targeted to the teen demographic. I think before Maggie this wouldn't have upset me as much as it does now...

Anyway, Sunday we headed over to the in-laws to celebrate Father's Day, since we will be at the beach this upcoming weekend. There was a "horse" involved (hence the title) and Mags (of course) had a stupendous time.

Loving some PopPop time!

Hanging out with Aunt Janice

Ah Mom, I'm not too sure about this....

Eh ok, this is kind of fun....

HAHAHAHA...geez Nana you tell the funniest jokes!!!

So how was your weekend?

Hope you are having a marvelous Monday!!!!


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