Thursday, June 30, 2011

OCMD- June 2011 *The Final Chapter*

So what was the rest of our mini-vacay like? Well, Monday it was little yucky outside so we decided to chill inside in the morning and then we headed to the boardwalk in the afternoon, hoping that there wouldn't be a huge crowd. We lucked out!

Maggie "in the hood" distracted by all the little kids running around the amusements

It was a little cooler so I dressed Mags in some cooler (not really matching) clothes and we decided to try the carousel again. The first time Mags went on the carousel in Brigantine, she spent the majority of the time whipping her head around trying to focus on things and then at the very end she started to have fun. This time she went on with Daddy and he reported that she tried focusing for a little bit, but then just stopped and enjoyed herself.

Unfortunately Mommy was left with the task of trying to get some action shots on the ride and well, watching the carousel go around and around made her a little dizzy, so she was not very successful. After the carousel, we walked around the boardwalk, and got a beachy frame for Mag's scope picture.

Vacation is a great time to kick back and catch up on some reading (LOL... I just love this, she was sitting and got tired of that, so she laid down to read her book!)

Later in the afternoon, the sun finally decided to make an appearance, so went and played on the beach.

Tuesday was a much better beach day, so we made the most of it. We spent some time hanging out on the beach and then we went up to the pool for a little while. Mags had a great time in the pool again and even made some friends, who asked me to let her go so she could swim to them. Unfortunately, I explained, Mags isn't exactly swimming yet. LOL

After dinner, we headed out to our favorite ice cream shop for a little treat. Mags enjoyed her stroller strap.

No, I couldn't, I'm watching my figure!!!!

Oh ok I'll have some, it is vacation!

Wednesday we headed to my mom's house, because Brian was seeing a U2 concert that night in Baltimore. Mags and I hung out with Grammy and Poppy.

Thursday afternoon we headed home and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and constantly asking, "Wait, what day is it???" Fun times!

All in all, like I said before, it was a great time! I heart OCMD and I can't for future vacations and more fun adventures!

Hope that this finds you well and that you are having a tremendously wonderful Thursday!!!


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