Monday, June 6, 2011

Did you miss me??

So sorry that I have been a little MIA lately, but last week was CRAZY!!!! It felt like we got home from the beach/Memorial day weekend and then we left the next day for my brother's wedding (reality was that there were a couple days in between there, but they were a whirlwind).

So finally the dust settles. We have one weekend off before we go anywhere again and this little family is looking forward to do nothing!

But let's backtrack a little bit, because I never shared our wonderful Memorial day beach weekend. We went down that Saturday morning and we didn't stop once because the traffic was thankfully nonexistent. The minute we got there we put Mags down for a nap, and when she got up we headed to the beach. I was so anxious to see how she reacted to the sand and the water, because I LOVE the beach and would hate for her not to love it too. When we got there we set everything up and spent some time on the blanket under the umbrella. We showed Mags the sand and put some on the blanket for her to play with. She wasn't too sure about it, but she didn't seem to hate it. Then we took a walk down to the water and I lowered her down to put her feet in and she flipped out. We went back to the blanket where she clung to me and started to cry whenever I went to put her down. Needless to say I would not call this attempt a success.

1st beach day, after I was able to pry Mags off of me. Looking at the big, old meany ocean!

After that little hiccup, we headed down to the boardwalk for dinner and some rides. We took Mags on the carousel for the first time and she didn't seem too sure about it until the end when she started to giggle. Then we decided to go on the Ferris wheel and the grandparents hung out with Mags. Around this time it started to get really cold and the grandparents decided to put Mags in some pants. Well Nana thinks that she might have shifted Mag's diaper, because as they were standing there waiting for us to get off the ride, she christened PopPop. So we rushed back to the car to change her and she thought it was the funniest thing. When we got home Mags went right to sleep.

The next morning, Mags was up at 7 and we hung out for awhile and then went to the beach after breakfast. This time we tried a little more sand and Mags didn't seem to mind it. She even tasted a bit and it didn't faze her. A little later we tried to go down to the water again. On the walk down, Mags was happy and bouncy, but when I went to lower her to the water she got really upset again. Brian said, "Well at least we know that she is remembering things." I guess it really isn't that big a deal if she doesn't like the water, because a beach vacation is so much more than that. And just think if she doesn't like the water then I don't have to worry about her swimming in it!

I LOVE my beach toys!

What??? Aren't these just really big spoons??

So Sunday night we had an awesome cookout and then we walked into town for some ice cream. Monday we hung out for awhile and then we headed home, and only hit a little bit of traffic.

I am a standing fool. (Oh and that little spot below her eye would be sunburn, because Mommy missed a spot because someone was thrashing about during the lotioning!)

So then this week we left for my brother's wedding on Thursday. We met up with my family and hung our for a little while, then went to bed early to get ready for the big day. Friday morning we had the rehearsal and then the rehearsal brunch. We relaxed for a bit and then Mom and I headed over to the venue to get our hair did. Then the wedding was at 5:30pm. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately you will have to take my word for it because I forgot my camera at home.

Mags was such a trooper and she really fared well even though her schedule was completely out the window. We got home Saturday afternoon and it was nice that we still had the rest of the weekend to relax. Mags has been catching up on her sleep and yesterday I used that time yesterday to catch up on her photo slideshow for her birthday. I really love it and I keep watching it and crying. What a nerd!

Pheww that was quite the catch up! Hope that you had a great weekend!

How's your Monday so far?


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