Friday, June 24, 2011

You Three Words

And We're Back!!!!!

So how much did you miss me???

I missed you all sooooo very much. My Google reader just about exploded, and I spent some quality time last night catching up on lots of your fun exploits.

But honestly, in my humble opinion, none of them compare to the amazing time we had these past couple of days. We had A LOT of fun! So much fun, that I am probably going to spread sharing all this amazingness out over a couple of posts.

A) Because I am that nerd that needs a mini-vacation from her mini-vacay...I didn't sleep too well a couple of nights and I. AM. TIRED.....

and B) I took a TON of pics and I don't want you to be visually overwhelmed by all the awesomeness...{partly true, but mainly just see A}
So technically we weren't leaving for our vacay until Saturday, but Mags had other plans. She decided that the party needed to start a little early and she decided to show us her new moves... CRAWLING!!!!!!!!

Sorry if I seem a little overzealous about this, but to be completely honest, I was starting to get a little anxious about Mag's lack of mobility. We go to The Little Gym every Wednesday and there are babies months younger than her that have been crawling for what seems like forever. And at the playdates we go to, Mags was always in the minority of non-crawlers. And I know that all babies develop at their own speed, and you'll wish they are less mobile, once they get started....and all that jazz, but I just want Mags to be healthy and happy and I don't want her stymied by to say that I am relieved is an understatement (yes, I cried).

For the most part the whole event was a little anticlimactic. We went into to pick Mags up from her afternoon nap and Brian took her pacifier like normal and placed it back in the crib, at the opposite end from Magster, and like she had been doing it her whole life, she got up on her knees and crawled over to get the pacifier. It really took us by surprise. I was afraid that it might be a fluke so we put Mags on the floor and encouraged her to crawl to me and again, she did it like it was the most natural thing ever.

Now she is a crawling pro. She can go from sitting to crawling and then back to sitting from a crawling position. Right now, she's not the type that needs to crawl all the time, and for the most part we can still put her down for awhile with her toys before she feels the need to explore elsewhere. But look out of there is something in her view that she wants, because she makes it her mission to get it!

And just in case you're a doubting Thomas...the proof is in the video...(this was from Friday night, so she was still a little wobbly, and she has since improved her technique..cause well she's a genius....duh {oh and also super sorry for my fugly cowboy boots pj pants, wasn't expecting to be on film.....})

So that's all for now, but trust me there is SO much more from and I can't wait to share.

On that note, I hope that you are having a wonderful Friday and that you have an even more magnificent weekend!

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