Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend rewind - Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

What a weekend we had!!! We did our normal trek south to see my family and Maggie did great!

So the Thanksgiving holiday began for us on Wednesday, since the hubs had off. We got up that morning and got right on the road. We stopped on the way and had lunch with my grandparents. They couldn't get over how active Maggie was, they even compared her to a "perpetual motion machine". Nailed it...LOL!

The next day of course, was Thanksgiving and we had our first dinner with my Grammy and Poppy at 1pm. The highlights of this meal (for me at least) are the dumplings and dressing....YUMMY!! Mags ate with us, and she ate just about everything and she really seemed to enjoy herself. She also had fun playing with her cousins.

Then we headed over to Meemaw and P-Paw's for our second dinner. Highlights there? Rice and beans and the mashed potatoes!! Mags ate again, and had a great time!

More to come about this amazing weekend! Hope you are having a magnificent Monday!!!


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