Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I'm Reading: Blogs

Hello!  Happy Thursday!  Woot, Woot the weekend is almost upon us!!  Although, we did get a special treat yesterday since the hubs had off.  Such a lovely interruption of the weekly doldrums!

So anyways on Monday I updated you on my current book reads, but I thought that I might also share with you some new (to me) blogs I have been really digging lately!

Last week I stumbled upon the stellar Everyday Reading, and I have to admit it will probably become a part of my daily reading (see what I did there???).  The gorg author, Janssen, is a young mom (of a daughter that I am pretty sure is right around the Magster's age + one on the way) who used to work in a school and now part of her blog is about reviewing all types of books.  She has already increased my Goodreads "Books to Read" list by a bunch, andplusalso, she has two cool sisters and they do joint posts about books and fashion that they are into at the moment ( just one of the many reasons a sister would be so cool for Mags.....).  And finally, she is marking her current pregnancy with a ton of really cute outfits that I would love to rock in my next pregnancy!

And then there's Young House Love, which I KNOW, I am SUPER late to the party on this one.  In fact, John and Sherry are celebrating their fifth blogging anniversary as we speak.  I remember stumbling upon them when I first started blogging, but I lumped them into the DIY blogs and I didn't think their posts would interest me.....WRONG!  They are such a cute couple and their daughter, Clara, is so adorable.  I really enjoy reading their posts and hearing about all their new projects.  I really enjoyed the timeline that they posted this week, to show how they got to where they are.  Really made me wish I had Photoshop (and knew how to use it).

And finally, another late-to-the-party, but new-to-me find is, Momastery.  Glennon is so real and honest, and the community that she has created seems so strong and helpful.  It really seems that she is helping the supportive mom movement, where instead of bashing each other for our personal parenting choices, we embrace the fact that everyone is different and the majority of us are just doing what we feel is best for OUR kids.  I absolutely adore this post and love the saying "Carpe those Kairos!".

And of course, I am still loving all my old faves....
Enjoying the Small Things
Loves of Life
Harper's Happening

What are some of your favorite blogs?  I am always on the look out for some new, fun and interesting reads!

And I leave you with the blur that is my daughter these days, at the mall yesterday.....

This was her reaction to seeing  the ride-on arcade toys...Alas we had no quarters or cash...poor kid....
Hope that you are having a great day!

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~Dawn~ said...

Whoo Hoo - I made the list :) And thanks for the new blog suggestions. I'm always on the look out for amazing bloggers.


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