Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless/What I Love Wednesday- Linking Up

First, wordless....

And now some words....

There are just some awesome things that I am loving right now that I feel the need to share!

-Counting down the minutes till I get to see Breaking Dawn on Sunday (yes, I am THAT nerd, but no I'm not the nerd camping out to watch it at 12:01Am, so there....LOL), but this got me really excited for another book to movie phenomenon...

- And then there is this song, it is such a feel good, get you on your feet and moving song. If I were a runner (NOT!!!) this would really get me pumped!

-And on the Mag's front, I am LOVING that she is starting to mimic us and her toys...her learning table says "Oh yeah!" at some point and she loves to echo it. What a cutie!!!

- And finally starting to love that the holidays are fast approaching. I'm not really into it yet, but I think once Thanksgiving hits, I will be ready!

What are you loving? Have a great Wednesday!!!!


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