Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday Mingle

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Hope that everyone had a great weekend and a marvelous Father's day. 

We had a great weekend, but before I share, I have some catching up to do.  So the other day I finally shared our Summer Sand pail List, and even though it's only the 18th of June, we have already crossed a few things off!

The first thing we accomplished was #4 Find a new park.
We went on a park play date to a brand new park on 6/8.  It was a little farther than I had realized, but it was still a nice park.  It had some nice equipment, but there was little to no shade and it was very sunny that day.  They did have some fun bouncy cars and planes that Mags really enjoyed!

I called this one "Driving Miss Maggie"...I know the hat is too big, but the ones that are supposed to fit are too small, so she has to wear a "big girl" hat, that is still a little too big...LOL

Then that weekend we accomplished #3 Visit a Zoo (6/9).
We went to the beach for the weekend and that put us about 30 minutes away from the Cape May Zoo.  It is a wonderful zoo and park area, and we had a great time!

Yes, her shirt says, "Let's go to the Zoo"...I couldn't resist it, it was adorable and $4 at Kohl's....LOL

Mags did really well!  She went back and forth from wanting to walk, to wanting to be in the stroller, and I think we got a little glimpse into what our Disney future looks leash here we come...LOL.  I loved that the zoo was really well covered and it helped a lot with the sun and heat.  They had a lot of really interesting animals and it was a lot more extensive than I had initially thought.  We will definitely be making more trips back!!!

So that's 2 down....23 more adventures to go!
Have a great rest of your day!!!

PS: I've been having some problems with my blog design and honestly, if we ever win the lottery I would love to go back to school and learn more about it.  I mean there is so much out there, like HTML, jquery sliders, font and color combos...I'm so in over my head.  I guess I will just have to mess around and see what I can do...rant/.


Andrea said...

She looks so much like you! Looks like fun :)

~Dawn~ said...

Looks like FUN! Love Maggie's big girl hat and zoo tee!! Too cute.


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