Thursday, June 28, 2012

23 months

Hello!  Happy Thursday!

So yesterday, a certain little Missy turned 23 months old!

Only one more month until the big "2"....How is this possible???
A local park had a little celebration to acknowledge Mag's 23rd monthday....complete with fire trucks, a bounce house and free hot dogs....aren't they sweet???

Mags was somewhat interested in the bounce house, but was NOT interested (or really understood) standing in the line.  I wasn't too sure about the bounce house, after our last experience, but the line wasn't that long, and I thought we could give a try,
Worst case scenario, she cries and I take her out.  Other end of the spectrum, she has soooo much fun, she cries BECAUSE she has to get out.  I am pleased to say, we were right in the middle.  She seemed to somewhat enjoy it, but didn't mind leaving when her time was up.  Score!


She got up a cuple of times and only got trampled, once.  Then when that fun was finished, we headed over to the playground, where it was up and down, up and down, up and down the steps.  Fun!

So 23 months in general?  We're having a great time!  Mags is talking more and more everyday, she is getting more opinionated (good and tough...LOL), she is trying new things (like walking up and down the steps) and overall just amazing us on the regular.  The other day we were talking about our recent trip to my Dad's and Mags was talking about the dogs, which she has done before...but this visit, my sister brought her new puppy, Jaida and Mags didn't miss a beat.  At bath time we were singing her little song, "Rocco and Tyson, Rocco and Tyson (my Dad's dogs)"  and then she added, all by herself, "and Jaina (that's what she call the puppy)" I say frequently these days....this girl is too smart for her own good....LOL!

We had Mag's first 2nd birthday party this past Saturday and I will have a full post about it soon!  Mags has two more parties coming up and they work out to one party a month...what a lucky girl!

On to the last month as a one year old, little silly one!  Love you the mostest ever!!!

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Andrea said...

Lucky little girl to have so many parties! Such a cutie!


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