Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disney Dreaming

So I think it goes without saying that I am uber excited for our Disney trip in 39 days (who's counting?)....I think just about everybody gets excited about vacation and a lot of people would love to go to Disney....so yes, I am stoked.
And for the most part I have been able to keep it contained.  Little bursts or excitement here and there as I would see commercials, or as I was getting ready for Maggie's birthday party, but all of a sudden a few things recently have set my excitement meter OFF THE CHARTS!

First, in May, one of my favorite bloggers, Katie from Loves of Life (who has the cutest little girl, Emeline, and another one on the way) went to Disney.  I also follow her on Instagram (feel free to follow me @sbetteridge....lots of Maggie eating pics {b/c those are the only times she is seated and I can get a somewhat non-blurry pic}), where she posted a ton of awesome pics of little Emeline just having the best time and I started day dreaming of all the fun Mags would have.
Then Katie came back and posted an adorable video from the trip and a really helpful post talking about the Ups & Downs of Disney.

Excitement level increased.  I got a countdown app for my phone and looked at it occasionally.  But for the most part it told me we still had a couple of months to go, so no big deal....

Then this weekend another blog that I follow posted this video and my excitement level went through the roof.  I mean how cute is this video....how cute is this family.  Mags LOVES this video.  She calls it "Disney Mickey" and loves to name all the characters as we watch it.
The excitement got so bad, I crafted.  I created something, people.  Something to intensify the  excitement and hopefully get Mags on board (with my insane excitement, of course).
Me, Miss Can't-do-Arts&Crafts-to-save-her-life....Lookie what I made!

Sorry for the crappy phone pic, once I mount it in our special Countdown area (where the Christmas countdown hangs) and figure out how we will cross off the days (stickers or something else), I will post a prettier pic.  We also don't get to use it for another 9 days, so.....LOL
Yep, I'm excited.  Not much else to say about that...other than I CAN'T WAIT!  LOL
Hope you're having a great day!!!

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Cole said...

You guys are going to have a BLAST! I'm so jealous!


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