Friday, July 20, 2012

Your Three Words

30 Days Left 

So if you can believe it, we are finally at the 30 day mark for our Disney trip!  It feels like I have been counting down FOREVER!!!! but now it's just right around the corner.  
And yesterday, we were actually able to make use of the countdown calendar, and I got some better pics of it.

In the Target dollar section today, I ended up finding a dry erase board with a ribbon to hang it, so I thought why not???  I think it works...

Action shot of Daddy helping Mags put the first "sticker" on (they are actually 1" punchouts w/ tape, that I got with Mag's birthday decorations....I am getting my money's worth!)
And here's the countdown with its first date crossed off...YAY!!!!!
I am so excited for our trip, but right now I am super stoked because we are headed to the beach this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be awesome, I can't wait.

Hope you have a great weekend!

1 comment:

~Dawn~ said...

What a fun way to count down the days to your fun family trip! Can't wait to see Maggie in some Mickey Mouse ears! :)


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