Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Stopping in with a couple randoms today....
First, an update on some books I recently finished.
 Skipping a Beat: A Novel
This book was amazing!  I have read two other Sarah Pekkanen books, and this was my favorite!  The plot is that a wealthy couple have their lives turned upside down when the husband has a heart attack and has his whole life perspective changed.  After living a privileged life for many years, the husband wants to give it all away and the wife has to decide how to react.
I really loved the premise of this book and I loved reading about the dilemma that the wife goes through, because it makes you think about how you would handle the situation.  She also talks about the cool heated tiles in her bathroom, so that is interesting. 
I literally could not put this book down and I read it in less than two days.  Highly recommend it.

The other book I just finished was...
The Next Best Thing: A Novel 
 I have loved Jennifer Weiner since "Good in Bed" and I have read just about all of her books.  I was interested in this book, since it was based on a short story of hers that I really liked.  This book is about a young woman and her grandmother who live together in LA and the sitcom that the young woman is trying to get picked up by a network. 
I found this book really interesting because it gives you an inside look into the television world.  For a TV fan like me, it was fascinating.  I also love the relationship between the grandmother and the woman.  Also a recommendation!

Yesterday, Mags and I spent the beautiful morning at the park.  Look at how big and grown up she looks here.....
She was having SUCH a good time.  We spent almost 2 hours running around at the park....Disney stamina training!

And then there's this....

Ridiculous, right??

And on a completely different note....still in LOVE with Pinterest.  I spend time on their dreaming about our forever house and pinning things that I would love to have one day.  Beautiful bathrooms with ceramic tiling, big back yards, amazing master bedrooms.....Would we buy an older house or build it ourselves?  I don't know a lot about custom built houses or about build direct...So much to think about.

Hope you're having a great day!

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Brandy said...

Yay! Love book reviews! And can I just say that I fell in love with Jennifer Weiner at "Good in Bed" too? So hilarious! These look promising!


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