Monday, July 2, 2012

Riversharks Game & Father's Day

Hello!  Happy Monday!

I have a ton of updates for this here blog, but I refuse to stress about it.  I will get to it all, eventually...LOL.

First, let's go back to Father's day weekend. Quite a while ago, I know....
On Saturday, we went with Brian's parents to a Camden Riversharks baseball game.  Sand pail list #18.

Mags was ready to go!
Trying to steal Mommy's drink

Pointing out that her seat number is "6"

Showing some Phillies love
Two of her favorite guys....PopPop & Daddy

Mags did really well at the baseball game.  She had no idea what we was going on, but she was excited and knew that it was fun.  The main thing was to try to keep her busy.  It helped that we ate dinner there.  Then a little later, we walked around the concourse and they had a carousel for the kids.  We got in line and they informed us that there was one more horse left, if we wanted to go on now.  Mags has been on a carousel a couple of times before, but always on a bench seat.  She had never tried a sitting on a horse before, but I thought why not give it a try.  She LOVED it!  She kept saying bouncy and loved that it went up and down.  She kept laughing and giggling, until she stopped and got quiet for a minute.  My first thought was, "Oh no, she just ate, don't throw up....don't throw up....".  Luckily, she kept her cookies and was so happy when we got off.
It was a fun game and we had great seats.  Overall, a lot of fun and we all agreed that we will have to do it again next year!

Sunday was Father's day and we spent the day hanging out and relaxing.  I made Brian breakfast and he requested a donut.  When I went to pick up the donuts, I couldn't stop myself from getting the uber cute Elmo one for Mags.  She really liked it!

Daddy and Maggie: Father's Day 2012

It melted a little, but here it is.....

It was a mess, but she loved it...
Another great weekend for the summer.  We have been doing a lot and having a ton of fun!  More updates on the way!!!

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