Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Week

Hello!  Happy Monday!!!  And yes, I am pretty happy that's it's Monday, because it is the Monday of Maggie's birthday week!  Can you believe it???

2 years ago today, was a Friday.  If you are interested in the birth story which also includes some of the lead up check it out here.

And here is the birthday post.

This time last year, we had just had Mag's first 1st birthday party, and the following weekend we had #2 and #3. So many parties for such a little one.

This year we are also having three parties, and we already had one exactly a month ago.
This weekend is Mag's second party and then her final party is next weekend.  What a lucky girl!!!

As for this past weekend, we got to spend it at the beach, and we had a great time!
Basically it was a bunch of relaxing, good food and a ton o' fun!!!

Nana and PopPop LOVE

Boardwalk fun & going on rides by HERSELF for the 1st time!

Hope that you're having a great day!!!

1 comment:

~Dawn~ said...

Yay for Maggie's Birthday Week - looks like she's loving all the extra attention! She looks so happy and grown up riding those rides all by herself!! :)))


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