Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All quiet on the homefront?

Since I started blogging about a month ago, this is the longest that I have gone without blogging, and trust me it wasn't because I didn't want to.

Broken computer + internet out= Sarah no blog

So yea my computer has decided that it no longer wants to be a part of my world. I just got it last year for Christmas and I am pretty sure it should have lasted at least a year. Luckily my in-laws gave it to me and I think they got a warranty, so we should probably be able to get it fixed. So for now I am writing from the hubs computer, but I couldn't do that yesterday because the Internet was also out. Obviously the universe conspiring against me.

What has been going on at mi casa since then?

Well, yesterday we celebrated eight weeks for the Magster. Eight weeks ago yesterday we welcomed eight pounds of pure joy into our silly lives. Has it been roses and sunshine everyday? No. And that's ok. But there have so many more good moments than bad and for that I am lucky. I have a relatively pleasant child, who really only gets fussy when she is hungry or tired. She has taken to spontaneously smiling and as luck would have it, she always seems to have a whopper of a beautiful smile for me when I am at my grumpiest. She is grasping things a lot better and yesterday I swear she consciously pushed her pacifier back in her mouth as it threatened to fall out.

Things may be a little tough for us right now on the job and financial front, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I really don't care what we have to do, I am just happy that we are so blessed to have her in our lives. As hubs assures me, everything will work out and we will make it through.

PS: How great was Glee last night? Totally worth the wait!


Becky Jane said...

Totally love your attitude! You are an awesome mom...nothing better than kids and a hubby!
Becky Jane

Sarah said...


Liz said...

Happy 8 weeks! Love those baby smiles! It is amazing how they can make your day so much brighter! Whenever my husband is having a bad day I send him a picture text of her to help cheer him up and make is day a little better!


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