Sunday, September 19, 2010

B2S, B2B Week 2

In an effort to improve this little blog, I have joined the challenge, Back to School, Back to Blogging. Click on the button to learn more!

Kludgy Mom

Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it, is:

Take any ONE topic from the Idea Bank list and use that as inspiration your post for this week.

Tell the story of meeting your significant other.

After 24 years of losers and well, more losers, I decided that it was time for a break. I was about to start my student teaching assignment which meant honestly I wouldn't have the time. No time to care about silly boys and their silly ways. I needed to keep my eye on the ball and let all the insignificant fall to the wayside.

Boys being the furthest thing from my mind, I walked into our first student teacher's meeting. In addition to the two other English teachers from my school, there were two other English teachers from another local college. I looked across the table sizing the two young men up.
"He's ok looking, very skinny, not a huge fan of the spiky hair..."
"Hmmm he's cute... man what is going on with those eyebrows???"

Momentary, fleeting, and then I was back to my focus. A week later, writing lesson plans in the computer lab, Brian (cute one with the eyebrows) turns around in his seat in front of me.
"Hey, can I have your screename?"
"Uh sure it's...."(I'd rather not share it, it's an embarrassing name and I don't IM any more)

The next couple of days we started talking online. Mostly innocuous conversations. Talking about the weather and school. I remember one very titillating convo about how windy it was.
Me:"Man, it is so windy out. I almost got blown away."
Brian: "Don't get blown away that wouldn't be good"
Did that mean that he would be sad if I wasn't around? Would he miss me? Hey, wait a minute do I care if he misses me?

We shared sixth period almost every day. He had a "free" period and I had lunch. One day for lunch I brought an orange. Brian commented that he really liked the smell of oranges. For some reason that winter I decided that oranges were my favorite fruit and every day I had one at lunch. Again, the conversation at lunch was pretty pedestrian until Brian brought up the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches on Saturday Night Live. He was incredulous at the fact that I had never seen them and insisted on recreating his favorite.
"Alex, I'll take swords for 200"
"Name this's your clue...ASIA"
I laughed so hard I cried.

One day our online conversation took a turn.
Brian: "So our school has this formal next month that everyone goes to."
Me: "Oh that's cool. My sorority is actually having our Spring Formal next month too."
Brian: "Do you want to go to my formal?"
Me:"Do you want to go to my formal?"

And that was that.


Yuliya said...

You are such a good student..I'm still on week one.
PS Congrats on your little one!

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very cute story!

Sherri said...

Just came over from b2sb2b and I love your post! Such a sweet story...

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Here from b2sbsb! What a cute story! I am still trying to finish week 1's work. ;/

Gigi said...

A lot of women find The Guy when they're not looking, it seems :)

I loved Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL!

Belle's Butterfly said...

What a cute story! The Hubs loves the celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.

MamaOnDaGo said...

Was having technical issues, so I don't think my last comment went through.

Love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Also, I used your idea from the Idea Bank to write my week 2 homework post.

Anonymous said...

Visiting from B2SB2B. That is a cute story about how you met. It's funny how people tend to find relationships when they're not looking.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Awww! I wasn't looking when I found my hubs either. Maybe I'll do that as another post. Love the Idea Bank! :)

Uyen said...

stopping by from B2S/B2B. That was such an awesome story....when you least expect it! Great job!

ZippyChix said...

Many moons ago, my college roommates mom always use to tell us that things always happen when we least expect them. We always thought that it was her way of telling us not to go out in torn jeans and sweatshirts. She is very stylish and proper:) Thanks for the nice story. I always love tales of true love:)

Jackie said...

It's when you give up and least expect it that you finally find what it is what you were looking for all along!

Very cute story!!


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