Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend plans

So I'm not sure why I haven't written about this yet, but Sunday is Maggie's baptism. I guess the main reason I haven't shared is because it all happened so fast. Here's the story...

My mother has the baptismal gown that she and I wore for our baptisms and we both really wanted Maggie to be able to wear it. Only problem is the gown is pretty small and we were afraid that it wouldn't fit. Originally, I had planned on having the baptism in the Spring, but she would definitely not be able to wear this gown then.

Not the best pic, but the baptism gown is the one in the middle. It is also special because my grandmother made it...

So I decided that it would be better to have the baptism sooner then later and called my family to see when we were all available and this weekend was the best bet. Then my mom suggested that we look into her church for the baptism, since the majority of my family still lives in MD and it would be nice for them to not have to travel up here for once. Also, I thought that would be pretty cool, since I was baptized at this church as well.

So there it is, this weekend we are traveling for the first time with the Magsters to MD, my home state. I have to say that I am pretty stoked. I can't wait for everyone to see her. Especially my mom. She hasn't been able to see her since she stayed with us the week after Maggie was born.

I also can't wait to be back in MD. I love that state and if it wasn't so stinkin' expensive to live down there we could move there. But alas we must squalor away up here in the boonies...(ok, it's not THAT bad).

I will be sure to post lots of pics when we get back! And here are a couple from this week...

Go Phillies!!!

Anyone else have some exciting weekend plans??


Anonymous said...

My daughter's baptism is not until November, and I still haven't purchased her dress. It would be nice to have a family baptism dress... sure is special. Congrats on the baptism. And also, your baby is adorable! :)

MamaOnDaGo said...

I'm done and over the baptism scene with my children. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated. We had to take classes, organize a reception site, pick godparents, find something for them to wear. It was like planning a mini wedding. All worth it to have the little ones blessed.


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