Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't let the door hit ya!

Man am I glad to see that week leave! It was a doozy! So I already talked about Maggie being sick on Tuesday, and well you can guess what came next. I got it on Thursday and Brian got it on Friday. Overall pretty gnarly. So bad that we had to have Brian's mom come over yesterday to help with Mags because we were so sick and we were trying not to re-infect her (thanks Nana).

So we will be spending the majority of the weekend re-couping. My sister is coming over on Sunday to hang out and she's hoping that Mags will be her Valentine. Mags is still considering a few options and she's holding out to see who she should pick. My vote is for Robert Pattinson or Cory Monteith, but hey it's her choice...

So unfortunately peeps, not much to report. Here's hoping this finds you all well!

Have a great weekend!

***Sorry no pics, will make up with next post****

1 comment:

TeeTee Lynn said...

Hoping you guys feel much better soon! And Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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