Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your three words

On Wednesday we finally made it to the class at The Little Gym. Now let me tell you it has been quite the ordeal getting to this class. We were supposed to go for a trial class on January 26th, but then we had Snowmageddon and we couldn't make it. Then the following week we rescheduled, but then they canceled on us because they had lost power. And finally last Wednesday Mags was still getting over her stomach bug and I didn't want to infect the other little ones. So heck or high water, we were making it to this class this week and I am happy to report that we were successful.

And the class was great. There were about 8 or ten other kids and they are a range of ages. There were a few that just laid there, a few crawlers and a couple walkers. Since this was our first class the teacher asked me where Mags was developmentally and I explained that we were working on sitting unassisted. So I put Maggie down and we started the class......and wouldn't you know it... that sillypants sat completely on her own the entire class!!!!! We even did an activity were the kids were seated in the middle of a parachute and the parents held the edge and walked around the circle, moving the parachute....and she didn't wobble once. Towards the end of the class Maggie did get a little cranky, because I think it was pretty tiring, but what a little trooper.

Since the class she has been sitting very well on her own. She still occasionally wobbles forward because her noggin is very large, but even then she sometimes can correct herself and sit upright again. I tell you, this girl is such a wonder. Every day I am just in awe of all the things that she is learning and accomplishing. Even today, as she was lying on the changing pad she reached down and shoved her foot in her mouth. Oh the wonders never cease!

So what are your plans for this weekend? I am pretty excited because my mom and stepdad are coming up to spend the night on Saturday. It should be a ton o' fun!

Hope this finds you well!


Mrs Dully said...

That class sounds like a lot of fun! I wish we had one around here!
Have a great weekend!

Cole said...

She wa just waiting for a proper audience before she showed off her new trick!

I really want to go to a gym class, but we only have the budget for one class and right now we're in music - which I do love, but I like to run and play and we've been trapped inside so much!

TeeTee Lynn said...

Oh wow. Yay Maggie! :)


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