Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good things come in threes???

Well I know the old adage that bad things happen in threes, so can't it be true for good things as well?

A little while ago I won a BabyLegs giveaway from Dawn over at Mom-a-Logues and yesterday they came in the mail. It was quite the little package. I won a pair of footless tights, a pair of socks and TWO pairs of leg warmers. I am so stoked! We love us some BabyLegs in this house.

Mags modeling some BL she got for Christmas and having a ton of fun with Aunt Tami this past weekend

In this pic, Mags put her arm around Tami like "Hey let's pose like we're buds". Too cute!!!

Also, today I am a guest poster over at Carrie with Children for her Travel Tuesday segment. I think I have expressed my love for the OC....MD and once again, I regale it's wonders. Check it out!


And now universe.....I sit here patiently waiting for good thing #3. Will there be someone knocking at my door with a big check later today??? Oh you want it to be a surprise? Ok I can wait.......

Hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday!


~Dawn~ said...

Yay! I'm glad the BabyLegs package arrived and you like everything. Did you get the rainbow leg warmers?

I'm anxious to hear what surprise #3 will be today. hehe


Mrs Dully said...

I hope you hit the lottery, you don't play? oh...well I hope you get an enormous box bigger than your house full of baby legs! ha ha. If that happens I"ll send you my address and you can share! ha ha

Cole said...

Her face in that first pic is so great - what fun! You can hear her giggling :)

And now I'm off to check out your guest post - we went to OC for my birthday this year and hope to head back this summer!


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