Monday, March 7, 2011

Room Re-Do

So this weekend was pretty eventful. We didn't go anywhere, but we did a complete re-furnish our living/family room. We moved in to our condo about 3 years ago and really the only thing that we bought new or of any value, was our bed set. Just about everything else was second hand or really cheap from Wal-mart. For our wedding present, the in-laws offered to have our kitchen remodeled, so that got an amazing face-lift and then when Maggie was on her way, we got all new furnishings for her room. So slowly but surely we have been trying to make our house more homey.

The living room was long overdue. The real spur to action was that Brian cut himself on some exposed metal on our couch and he was concerned that when Mags start cruising around she would hurt herself. The first step was a fresh coat of paint. The original color was a really pretty sea foam green, but honestly it was just too dark for the little room. So we decided on a Sandstone to help make the room look bigger, and boy does it ever. Then we went to our fave furniture store, Ikea, and as Brian says we didn't leave much there. We got a new sofa and matching chair, lamp, rug, coffee table and shelving unit. Brian and his dad spent all day Saturday putting the stuff together and here's the final result.....

(I wish I had some before pics, but I didn't think about it at the time. Just trust, it wasn't pretty)

So right now the walls are pretty bear and the shelves aren't the way I want them, but you get the idea. My plan is to have a huge picture wall over the chair and to get some baskets for the shelves to pretty them up. We are really happy with the way that this turned out. Next project, the bathroom!

And of course I can't have a post without some Maggie pics....

Maybe if I avert my eyes, she'll stop with the incessant picture taking

Eh, she's taken about 30 pics, I'll throw her a little smirk, but definitely no eye contact

Hope you're having a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Something to think about with the shelves is that once she crawls EVERYTHING will come off the shelves near the floor. And when she stands? Everything will come off a higher row of shelves. Your living room will look like a tornado came through.

We bought baskets and fabric bins for our equivalent of your lowest two rows and put everything our daughter was allowed to play with in there. This way, at least our stuff was safe and she can practice putting things away (HA!). All our books and pretty knick knacks are on the highest shelves where we can enjoy them more and they're safe.

Also if it hasn't been done already, you might want to anchor them to the wall so she can't pull them over. The chance is slim since it's so big, but that's one of my fears.

Sorry for the longness, but I had to learn a few things the hard way. :(

TwitterID: Midnite592

Mrs Dully said...

Lovely job! I love Ikea too! My favorite thing is that shelf that you are going to put the basekets in. We need one of those sooo incredible bad. It looks like toys r us threw up all over our house!

Glad you had such a productive weekend!

Cole said...

We *love* IKEA - did you have Swedish meatballs for lunch? Yum! I second the sbove commenter with regards to all of that stuff on the lower shelves - I can't get enough of pulling Mommy;s stuff off the bookshelves I can reach!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

The living room looks gorgeous and what a cute little baby ;)

I'm following from the hop.


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