Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter, Winter Go Away

So we woke up this morning to..... SNOW! Um, Mother Nature in case you didn't get the memo, spring started yesterday and we don't want any more icky white stuff. As the hubs put it over the weekend, "The last day of winter was actually warmer than the first day of spring". Then he also said, "I slapped it and it was so scared it read itself." (But that's a story for another time....LOL)

I mean seriously I have been done with winter since it began and I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather. And we did have some of that this weekend. Friday we had our wonderful (dating) anniversary dinner. It was delish and Mags had a little admirer at the table next to us. It was so funny, they were "talking" to each other and it really seemed like they understood what the other one was saying. Mags loves to chat with other babies and it is so adorable, I have never seen anything like it.

On Saturday we headed to sweet Rosalie's first birthday and Mags was a dream. She missed a nap, but she was in seventh heaven sitting on the floor playing with all new toys and chatting up an older (11 month old) little boy, Everest. It was interesting to see a first birthday party in action and I definitely took some notes. When we got home we tried to take some pics, because Mag's outfit was so cute. She wasn't that psyched....

How cute are those tights???

Then yesterday we spent the day snuggling and relaxing with no big plans except for heading out for some free Rita's water ice, celebrating the first day of spring. All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend.

Magster rocking some Phillie's love

Hope you're having a great Monday!


Mrs Dully said...

I am ready for warm weather too!
And OMG! LOVE those tights!

shopannies said...

they predicted cooler temps for here but while it has been quite windy the weather is still very warm


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