Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Three Words

We Go!!!!!

So today after our bathroom is finished being renovated (yes, more changes.....crazy, I know) we are heading down south to my mom's house. Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday and we are going down to celebrate that and while we are there we are also going to take a four generations picture. We have one from when I was a baby, with my great-grandmother, Nur. The picture is quite a treasured heirloom. It is so fun to look back and see this moment in time captured.

In the original four generations picture, I am wearing an adorable yellow, smocked dress and for this picture, Maggie is going to wear the same dress. I can't wait because this is definitely a moment that I want to capture. So other than that we are just going to relax and spend some good old quality family time.

Maggie's going to just hang around......

And our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan, the West Coast and anyone else effected by the horrible earthquake and tsunami. Hope you have a safe and great weekend!


Mrs Dully said...

Have fun!!!!!
Can't wait to see pics, really hope you share!

Cole said...

What a lovely photo tradition! It's so sweet that she will be in the same dress - I came home from the hospital in the same outfit that Mommy and Uncle Matt came home in...

Ashley Sinatra said...

The lady bug backpack is cute. Hope you had fun at grammy's!



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