Monday, April 25, 2011

And it was good....

Really not much more to say other than Easter was a HUGE success. Don't believe me??? Look for yourself....(WARNING: Major Photo-dump)

Highlights of the day (other than hanging out with family and it generally being a great day):

-Trying the first pickle, with nary a pucker face. She LOVED it and got pretty upset when I took it away after she tried to shove the whole thing in her mouth (and she never gets upset when we take something away for whatever reason).

- Pretty much mastered "So Big". Mommy just couldn't seem to get on the ball and get a picture of it. The last two pictures above are after the fact.

- And yes, Maggie did have three different hair accessories....the hat was for the brief periods outside (and it was SUPER sunny), we had bunny ears and our headband with flower (which doesn't look as ridiculous now that our head has gotten bigger).

Like I said, it was a wonderful day! Hope you're having a great Monday!


Mrs Dully said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! So happy you had a wonderful Easter

L. said...

LOVE the bunny ears! She is such a cutie!

Cole said...

Pickles are one of my favorites! Those sequined ears are so cute :)


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