Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Three Words

We figured out how to take the hat off and look on the left, our hair is all messed up!

We're so excited!

We're practicing our "Wave".

You gotta love a ruffled tush!

So, although it snowed this morning and it's cloudy and rainy, today is Opening Day for the Phillies, and this family is excited! Daddy has had a countdown going for awhile and now finally the season officially starts today. As of right now we don't have tickets to a game, but we are hoping to at least make it to one game. And if all else fails we will try to go to a Minor League game. Daddy is determined to take his little girl to at least one baseball game this year and we are going to make it happen!

In other news we are heading out tomorrow morning to the beach. The new beach house needs the internet set up and shucks, shoot, darn, looks like we have to head down to help out. It's a tough job but someone has to do it......Le Sigh.......

Otherwise (fingers crossed) Mags seems to be feeling better and we all are looking forward to our little beach excursion, especially since it is supposed to be a relatively nice weekend weather-wise.

What are your plans for this first weekend of April (can you believe it?)? Hope you have a great one!


Kelly said...

Too cute!

Kristi Maloney said...

What a cutie! Go Phillies!

AmyLee said...

i love the one where she's practicing the wave! lol, funny. we are pretty excited about the Mariner's season starting too, but opening day here in seattle isn't until April 8. I look outside at the pouring rain & it doesn't seem like baseball season but it is & i love it!


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