Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Three Words

So here is Mag's Easter basket all ready to be filled up. And what are we filling it with?

This will all fit in there, right???

So what do we have? (L-R) Gymboree bubbles (Maggie's favorite at Little Gym), the obligatory bunny ears, beach bucket and shovel, plastic eggs, sidewalk chalk, hairbows (I think she is starting to grow out of the ones she currently has, hope these fit), books, bath toys and a "Poppin' pals" toy ( I have always wanted this toy for her, so happy for her to have is actually a toy that I remember from my childhood that I really loved and I hope she likes it as well). I'll have to take another pic when I actually attempt to fit all of this in the basket. Should be interesting....LOL

Now don't get too concerned....we didn't go into debt with this loot. The majority of the stuff is from the dollar store. We really lucked out there.

So what's in store for our first Easter weekend??? Well I was supposed to start this morning with my Stroller Bootcamp (yea I'm a glutton for punishment) but it was canceled due to lack of interest. Oh well, I am still proud of myself....I have been trying to increase my physical activity every week and even without today's Bootcamp (aka torture....j/k), I have already been active twice this week. Last week I went on one walk with Mags and then had the Bootcamp. This week I went on two walks with the Maggers. One was a walk/jog and last night we headed up to the park at a brisk pace. Next week my goal is at least two walks and then Bootcamp. I have also increased my water intake, which has really made me feel better. We shall see.....

Back to our plans. My sister is coming over today to hang out and we are planning a quiet evening. Then tomorrow, she and I are heading out to our future sister-in-law's bridal shower. Finally for Easter we are heading over to Brian's grandparents. Lots of fun.

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you have a great one!

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Cole said...

Those Gymboree bubbles are the best - they use them at story time! Happy Easter!


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