Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Three Words

Lots of Firsts

So this is what you get when you try to take a picture of the interior of the mouth of a VERY squirmy, almost 8 and 1/2 month old.....

And why, you may ask, am I putting Mags and myself through such torture??? Because the first tooth is finally starting to show some activity!!!! I don't think it has broken the skin yet, but there is a little blister over the top of the area and we are thinking it will burst through any day now (hopefully). Because it really can't be that comfortable and it makes me sad to think that Mag's mouth is sore.

But that wasn't the only first this week, we also went to our first play-date. For awhile now I have struggled to find local mommies to meet up with and have play-dates with. One of the reasons I started blogging was to find some moms to swap stories with, but nothing beats actually meeting face to face. I was SUPER anxious about every aspect, but the play-date went well (at least in my opinion). Maggie was the youngest child, so all the other babies were climbing over and around her.
This did cause a little more crawling "activity" for Mags. I don't think it was because she felt, "Aw shucks, these other babies are cooler than me because they can get around". It was more "These babies keep knocking the toys out of my reach as they cruise past, and I wasn't finished playing with that". So she would get up on her hands, with her little legs in a froggy pose and really rocked back and forth, but to no avail. (Right now the most crawling "activity" we have is that she keeps pushing herself backwards and it is really frustrating her, I know she'll get eventually). At the play-date it was really interesting to see all the babies interact and I am looking forward to future dates. I also signed up for a "Stroller Bootcamp" class on Fridays....ugh exercise....wish me luck!

And for the final first of the week, Mags tried some of the meat purees. We started with turkey and gravy and now we are onto ham and gravy. Mags doesn't seem to mind the meats, but boy do they stink! And the dirty diapers they produce? Not. pretty. But she seems ok with them, so we shall continue on....
Other than that I haven't really introduced too much more into Mags diet and I am starting to feel a little anxious about this. I read some blogs of moms that have their kids eating almost everything that the parents eat (with the allergy exceptions). Am I doing this wrong? Should I be introducing more things than just the purees? We have tried some baby finger foods and she has a great pincer grasp (having a little trouble actually getting the food into her mouth, but we're working on it). Should I branch out? Opinions and advice welcome!

And last but not least a little Iphone pic of my lovies.....

Hope you're having a great Friday and that you have a wonderful weekend!


AmyLee said...

glad you got to meet some other moms & that everything went well! you should look at for local mommy meet ups. that's how i found stroller strides, my MWF mommy workout class. i LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Because of the smell and the nasty diapers, my daughter only got one meat puree. I think it was turkey. I just read all the ingredients on all the jars and picked one with a new meat and nothing else new. It wasn't always easy, but I think introducing the combos also helps them accept food better.

If she still doesn't have teeth, then purees and crawler foods are where you should stay. Each child develops differently so what is right for one at 8 months may not be right for another. I think my daughter was on all table food at 16 months. She did start with french fries around 9 months.

TwitterID: Midnite592

TeeTee Lynn said...

I would let Maggie lead you with the food choices. At some point, we started putting a few finger foods (puffs, freeze-dried yogurt) down on Nora's high chair tray as we fed her the purees. She would randomly pick up a few of those during meal time...then we moved on to a few other things...shredded cheese, steamed zucchini, etc...and then onto harder things (blueberries cut into quarters, very small cubes of cheese, cut up pieces of pasta or toast). Eventually, Nora reached the point of largely refusing the purees. But again, every baby develops different. Nora has five teeth already, so I think those help out a lot. Try not to worry! You are doing a great job, I think! :)


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