Thursday, March 31, 2011

A to Z about Me!

Sickness update: Mags is on the mend. Things seem to be getting better with sleeping at night (but of course now that I said that I probably jinxed it). She didn't really have any other symptoms, so we think things are getting better!

So just for fun here's a little info, that I'm sure you all always wanted to know about me.......

A. Age: 30, although I really don't feel it. Most of the time when people ask I start to reply 28...don't know why.

B. Bed size: Queen. It's a nice sized bed, but the hubs and I both agree WHEN we hit to lottery....California King!

C. Chore you dislike: All of them....not gonna lie. How about the chore I dislike the least? Doing Maggie's laundry (it's so cute and little) and doing the dishes (sometimes I find it almost therapeutic....I said sometimes).

D. Dogs: None yet, but when we get a house with a yard we would like to get a lab.

E. Essential start to your day: Snuggles and giggles with the Magster.

F. Favorite color: Blue, Green and Pink. Sorry can't choose one.

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'3

I. Instruments you play(ed): Had a few guitar lessons, but I wouldn't call it "playing". I'm more of a vocal girl. Love me some karaoke!

J. Job title: Maggie's mom, Brian's wife and part time tutor!

K. Kids: Margaret Anne- July 27, 2010

L. Live for ______: The moment, the weekend and my family. (Not necessarily in that order)

M. Most embarrassing moment: I guess "Way to go Birthday" would be #1....can't think of any others right now. Story: Worked in a yogurt store in high school. Made yogurt pies with special decorations. Family came in, ordered two cakes, "Way to go Brandon" and "Happy Birthday Grandmom". Yeah I botched it and then made the even bigger mistake of telling my family. Yep 14 years later we're still talking about it. LOL

N. Nicknames: Sar

O. Overnight hospital stays: 3 days after my c-section w/ Mags

P. Pet peeves: Being late, stupid drivers and people who waste my time.

Q. Quote from a movie: "I could run a marathon, put my daughter can't....she never could."-Steel Magnolias I have no idea why that one popped into my mind.

S. Siblings: Oh man this is complicated. First there's my 100% brother, Ben (we have the same mom and dad, don't know how else to classify him). Then there's my half siblings, Tami and Brayden. Finally there are my step-siblings, Dennis, Jennifer, Kate, Joanne, Joseph. Kind of crazy!

T. Time you wake up: Between 7-8am, Maggie is my alarm clock.

U. University attended: Millersville University

V. Vegetables: Broccoli is my fave. Wish I liked more of them....

W. What makes you run late: Misjudging how long something is going to take. Sometime I don't allow myself enough time, but for the most part I am on time.

X. X-rays you’ve had: I don't think I've ever had one....

Y. Yummy food you make: Pancakes, egg sandwiches, quesadillas and beef roll-ups.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I haven't been to the zoo in probably 2 decades, but I would think I would like to see the pandas, lions and monkeys.

And on another note, in case anyone was wondering if Mags is a Daddy's girl or not....

Who's that coming in the door?

It's my Daddy, YAY!!!!!

And YAY, it's almost the weekend! Hope you're having a great Thursday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So it turns out little Mags has an ear infection. She has had a sniffle since last Wednesday and she was having some trouble sleeping over the weekend, but we didn't think anything was really wrong. I decided to make a Dr's appt anyway, just to be on the safe side and we find out she has an infection. So she's on antibiotics and I gave her some Tylenol (for the first time) to help her sleep and it worked. Here's hoping she is on her way back to being better!

& while the Magster sleeps, here's a fun little questionnaire from Roots and Rings.

1. What is a food that you never thought you would try, but then tried and liked?
Sushi was a surprise for me. Initially the thought of "raw" fish creeped me out, but once I became more educated about all the sushi offerings, I gave it a whirl and I have never looked back!

2. Do you subscribe to any foodie publications? If so, which ones?
Not a one.

3. What ingredient do you find yourself reaching for the most when you cook?
My cell phone to ask someone if I am doing it right.

4. Are there any foods that you hated as a child, but then learned to like as an adult?
Onions. My dad used to put onions in everything and I would painstakingly pick them all out, but now I LOVE them.

5. What do you like to eat that others may consider weird?
I love scrapple and cream chipped beef. Yes, I know what scrapple is made of and so what? As for the chipped beef, I take offense to it's nickname "S***T on a Shingle". I prefer to call it "Heaven on my Plate"!

6. What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with?
Can't say I cook enough to answer this question.

7. Do you have any major food allergies?
Not that I know of.

8. Is there an ingredient that you would like to cook with, but are intimidated to try?
See question #6.

9. Do you bake?
Do cake mixes count? Then, yes, yes I do.

10. If you could go on any “foodie” show to compete, which one would it be, and why?
Not really a "foodie" competitor but I would love to try to give Adam Richman a run for his money on "Man vs. Food"!

So as not to disappoint those looking for pictures....

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 months old

Yep, that's right folks....your eyes do not deceive you....our little Magster is......


Pretty funny if you ask her....

I can't even believe it. Seriously where has the time gone? I swear I just posted about her 6 month half birthday and here we are already two months later. The time has flown!

So what has Maggie-Love been up to this month?
-Clapping, not exactly new, but sometimes you do it when you're excited or happy, or mimicking us
- Rolling all over the place and on both sides. In the morning or after naps, we have no idea where we will find you. (Although lately it is mostly parked right in front of the mobile. You love your mobile and have even mastered turning it on yourself. You either bang it with your pacifier and kick it until it turns are resourceful.)
-You love The Little Gym. Every week you seem to master some new skill, like catching bubbles or pushing up on the bars. This week you were so excited and happy, your giggling and clapping were infectious. You made me so proud.
- You are still a bouncing queen. You love your jumper and your exersaucer.
- Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable and you can spend more time there. You kick your legs so fervently, like you really want to get somewhere and you occasionally put your knee up and you are a pro at pushing up on your arms.
-You love to play the "Sigh Game", which involves you sighing and then we mimic you and then you sigh again and we mimic you again, and back and forth. Sometimes you like to do this for awhile and sometimes you get tired of it quickly.
- You are eating your bottle a lot better this month and we realized the problem was that the nipple wasn't fast enough for you. (Hope you didn't inherit Mommy's vacuum eating style...)

Unfortunately right now you seem to have a little cold and it seems to be upsetting you at night. You go to sleep fine, but the last two nights when Mommy goes to check on you before she goes to bed, you wake up very upset and it takes us some time to get you back to bed. Your nose is so stuffy that we have to use the nasal aspirator and you HATE it. Daddy has to hold you while Mommy suctions and you cry the ENTIRE time. It is absolutely heartbreaking. We are really hoping that tonight is better.

Other than that little silly, you are a marvel. Everyday I look at you and I can't believe you are mine. How did we ever get so lucky??? Your smile just melts me every. single. time.

And now on to more pictures.....

Hope you are having a stupendous Sunday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Three Words

And Aunt Lauren, for my awesome shirt!

I got this as a baby shower present, from Ben and Lauren, and I thought it was hilarious.

And now here's my little girl actually wearing it. Just a little surreal if you ask me....

Um, I'm sorry but aren't those arm rolls just Nom-able???

So what's on tap for this weekend? A whole lot of nothing! After some pretty hectic weekends I am really looking forward to just kicking back. Uncle Ben and Aunt Lauren may come over on Sunday, but other than that we are just going to spend the weekend snuggling and recharging. The next couple of weekends are going to be busy so it is nice to have this time to do nothing.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Hope you are having a great Friday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter, Winter Go Away

So we woke up this morning to..... SNOW! Um, Mother Nature in case you didn't get the memo, spring started yesterday and we don't want any more icky white stuff. As the hubs put it over the weekend, "The last day of winter was actually warmer than the first day of spring". Then he also said, "I slapped it and it was so scared it read itself." (But that's a story for another time....LOL)

I mean seriously I have been done with winter since it began and I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather. And we did have some of that this weekend. Friday we had our wonderful (dating) anniversary dinner. It was delish and Mags had a little admirer at the table next to us. It was so funny, they were "talking" to each other and it really seemed like they understood what the other one was saying. Mags loves to chat with other babies and it is so adorable, I have never seen anything like it.

On Saturday we headed to sweet Rosalie's first birthday and Mags was a dream. She missed a nap, but she was in seventh heaven sitting on the floor playing with all new toys and chatting up an older (11 month old) little boy, Everest. It was interesting to see a first birthday party in action and I definitely took some notes. When we got home we tried to take some pics, because Mag's outfit was so cute. She wasn't that psyched....

How cute are those tights???

Then yesterday we spent the day snuggling and relaxing with no big plans except for heading out for some free Rita's water ice, celebrating the first day of spring. All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend.

Magster rocking some Phillie's love

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulder

Proof positive that sunshine and fresh air will do you good!

(She's laughing)

Hope you're having a beautiful and refreshing Sunday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Your Three Words

Picture Heavy Post

Uh, what are you doing Mom?

Did you know that I love books?

Aw shucks I love books!

I love my puppy too!

I love to give him kisses.

Did I mention I like books?

Did I mention I like to LICK them too?!?!

So tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate the amazing 6 years that the hubs and I have been together (not our wedding anniversary, it's our dating anniversary, which I still think is special). Then tomorrow we are off to our first, 1st birthday party. I am super stoked, of course to celebrate with adorable little Rosalie, but to also possibly get some ideas. We are t-minus 4 months people till little Magster's birthday, I have to get going!

What are your plans this weekend? Hope it's a great one!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Here's hoping you are blessed by the luck of the Irish this year!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wipe-out

This weekend was filled to the brim and occasionally spilled over, but was mostly wonderful! We left on Friday for the in-laws house so we could take our showers (bathroom renovations). While there, we could tell that Mags was definitely off. She had not had a dirty diaper in over 24 hours and it was taking it's toll. From there we headed out to my mom's house and Mags promptly fell asleep for the entire car ride. We of course hit traffic but we finally made it there around 8:30pm. We fed Mags her evening bottle and went straight to bed, but alas no sleep was had.

Mags fell asleep for a little while, but when I got into to bed at 10:30pm she was awake and started to get fussy. This went on for awhile and then quickly escalated to all out crying. We tried everything. I changed her diaper, we walked around....but nothing worked. By about 12am, we were getting desperate. We knew that the culprit was her constipation, but we didn't know how to remedy it. We tried massaging her tummy and bicycling her legs. Nothing seemed to relieve the pressure. Her stomach was greatly distended and hard as a rock. Finally we decided to try the thermometer trick. She had no problem with the thermometer and we were fine until she started moving her bowels. I have never seen her in so much pain. We had her laying on the bed and she was writhing around so much, that she almost flipped herself completely off the bed, even thought Brian was holding her. After all of that, she fell asleep pretty quickly.

The next morning she was up at her normal time, which meant she only had 6 hours of sleep. She went down pretty quickly for her morning nap and slept for 3 hours. After her nap we went outside for our four generations pictures, but since she was still a little tired and it was a little cold, she didn't smile for ONE of the pictures! Oh well, they still look pretty good and once the hubs has finished editing them I will post some.

That night we had a birthday dinner for my grandmother and we had a great time. The food was awesome (way to go Mom) and the conversation lively! We got Mags up from her evening nap and at first she was in a great mood, real energetic and giggly, but after her bottle she got super sleepy again. Of course, I still tried to take some pics......

Mags and Great Grandaddy

Maggie and her namesake/ birthday girl (Great Grandmommy "GG")

Magster and her Godfather- Uncle Ben

Yea she wasn't having it (but honestly between the picture taking she was in a pretty good mood, I guess she just wasn't in the mood for modeling). So we went to bed pretty early, because we were all pretty tired and luckily that night was blissfully uneventful. We woke up the next morning, an hour later and had a yummy breakfast. We spent some more time hanging with the family and then we hit the road. It was a looooooooong ride home, but we finally made it.

We had so much fun this weekend (despite the trials) and we love hanging out with our family, but it is always so good to come home. You can really tell that Mags knows her home and really appreciates it. She slept in this morning and went down early for her morning nap. I think she is still recovering and should be back to her normal, energetic self soon!

On another note, I am teaming up with CSN again to do a little review. I am having a hard time figuring out what to choose because CSN stores sell everything from cookware to wooden swing sets for the kids. But I will pick something and I will definitely keep you posted.

Hope you had a great weekend and that you are having a wonderful Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Three Words

We Go!!!!!

So today after our bathroom is finished being renovated (yes, more changes.....crazy, I know) we are heading down south to my mom's house. Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday and we are going down to celebrate that and while we are there we are also going to take a four generations picture. We have one from when I was a baby, with my great-grandmother, Nur. The picture is quite a treasured heirloom. It is so fun to look back and see this moment in time captured.

In the original four generations picture, I am wearing an adorable yellow, smocked dress and for this picture, Maggie is going to wear the same dress. I can't wait because this is definitely a moment that I want to capture. So other than that we are just going to relax and spend some good old quality family time.

Maggie's going to just hang around......

And our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan, the West Coast and anyone else effected by the horrible earthquake and tsunami. Hope you have a safe and great weekend!


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