Monday, March 5, 2012

19 months

Oops, mommy blogger fail....completely missed the actual date to post this update, but I did take the pictures on the real date, does that count??

Oh my little silly one, you are 19 months old. So much has happened this month, I hope I can remember all the details.

- You had your 18 month checkup and it was not a fun time. You DO NOT like Drs. Nurses, eh...shots, you seem more offended than upset....the Dr., no way jose, I think you would rather eat nothing but vegetables for a week. And there was no white coat and the Dr. was a woman, so I have no idea what the issue is. You were fine talking to the Dr., but the minute she started examining you, you would have thought her hand were made of acid. You squirmed and bucked so much I had to almost restrain you. To say it was nerve wracking, wouldn't even begin to describe it. I told Daddy that he gets the next appointment at 24 months, but by that time I'll the trauma of this visit will be a memory and I'll probably go. As for the stats, you are 25 lbs, 31 inches and your head circumference is finally out of the 90th percentile (LOL). You are creeping up in the height percentile and going down in the weight, I think the constant activity is slimming you down. But you are still pretty petite, and when I tell people how old you are they are surprised you are that old....that is until you open your mouth..... are TALKING! We are almost having real conversations these days. You are still quite the mimic. From the minute you wake up in the morning to the minute you lay your head down at night, you are chatting. When you wake up, we talk about how there is an Elmo cartoon on your diaper box, then we sing songs as we change your diaper. Once that is finished you normally ask for water, but I always remind you that you have milk for breakfast and you get excited. Then you get situated in your high chair and it's "WEEEEEE" as I push you into the kitchen. Some mornings, it's waffles for breakfast and you love saying that word. And the majority of the mornings you eat your breakfast with a lot of "Yumm num yum". Then you ask to "Pay" (play). And on and on it goes....

Right now your favorite words are "cool" and "yea". You also mimic your name pretty well. You have been saying Daddy, forever, but just recently you started saying "Mommy" and you actually understand that it is me, now. You love to yell it when I am in another room. Pretty funny.

- And the tricks keep coming. This month you started saying all the numbers, except for "1". Anytime we say one, you say two. We've shown you pictures and books with the #1 and you just say "2" after it. Funny and a little frustrating. The rest of the numbers go like this.."free", "fou", "fi", "sick", "sevvo" (our personal favorite), "eich", "non" and "te", with a big 'ol clap and "Yay" at the end.

You also, kind of randomly started singing the alphabet about two weeks ago. I mean I sing it to you all the time, but you have never tried to attempt it, until this week. I even got a little video of it. You still love books and being read to, but now you read the books aloud to yourself and anyone else that is listening. I love to hear your interpretations, because they are always quite spirited! LOL

You have a pretty good understanding of "please", "thank you", "your welcome" and "bless you", but when you say them, they all sound like "dat do", but it's the thought that count! And most of the time you say it without having to be reminded!

- You love your music class, gym class, and library story times. You are also starting to sing some of the songs that you have learned all over the place. You like to sing, "Twinkle, Twinkle", "You are my sunshine", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and of course the Elmo's World theme song. You also know some of the words to "Patty cake" and you love to "roll it".

You also love going to play dates. You don't really play with the other kids just yet (none of you do) but you are just content to explore a new house and new toys. Your biggest interaction with people is talking to them in gibberish, saying, "HI!" and "Buh-bye!" and of course, hugging and kissing everyone. Sometimes another kid isn't too psyched to have you invade their personal space and we are working on helping you understand that. It's ok if they don't want to be kissed and hugged all the time.

You also don't mind plopping down in another mom's lap to chill. It's happened twice, with me sitting right there and I have no idea what the reasoning is. The other day, at a play date, you plopped down in another mom's lap to read a book, until the mother's ACTUAL child got jealous, so you moved along. I was sitting five feet away and kindly reminded you that you could sit with your OWN mother, so you did. But after two minutes, you said, "No, no, no" and went back to the other mother's lap. Ouch, kid, ouch.

-You have been pretending for quite some time now, but you are honing the skill. You have the cutest pretend "eating" that involves making this little smacking noise and "licking" whatever you're eating. You love to mix up the food and share it with everyone.

We also started playing with blocks and you can stack them, but you would rather knock them down. You love to play with your dolls and kiss and love on them, but that is the extent of that.

- You are trying new things at your gym class, and last time, spent a good bit of free time going up the steps and down the slide. You really enjoyed it!!

That would be half whine, half "flash in the eye"...quite the combo

I'm sure there are things that I am missing, but for now I think that is it. My little, Magster, you are a joy. You are so happy and pleasant, and you make everyone around you feel happy as well. They can't help but smile and chuckle at your little antics. As always I am beyond blessed to be your mommy!


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