Friday, March 9, 2012

Monday Mingle

Nope, not claiming to be an expert here (this is only my second Easter with my little sweetie), but I am pretty proud of how I accomplished Maggie's Easter Basket and that I was able to do it without breaking the bank.

I think the biggest lesson that I have learned with any type of holiday that concerns presents and gifts, whether it's Easter, Christmas or what I consider a holiday, Maggie's birthday (oh yes, the 2nd birthday plans have been in the works for quite some time...), is to start looking early.

My first Easter Basket score happened to be through the deal site Eversave. Back in January, Easter wasn't really on my radar, but then I got an email that they were having a crazy sale on Sesame Street read along books and Cds. For $10 shipped I got three really nice books.

Then, we decided to save a gift card from Christmas and I struck while the sale iron was hot. We got all this loot for under $25 and it didn't hurt the budget, since it didn't "technically" come out of our pocket!

Next up, the good ol' Dollar General, where I snagged some coloring books, activity books and flashcards for a grand total of $3.50.

As you can see from our first pic, we had to get the good stuff from the Target Dollar Spot! Seriously, that place can be a gold mine and this time I hit the jackpot!

You might be able to tell from everything, that we have a little one quite obsessed with Elmo. I am very interested to see what she makes of all this stuff!

And then last, but surely not least, we stopped at our local discount grocer, Dollar Bottom grocery for a tiny bit of chocolate. I figured this could be her first year with a chocolate bunny and I found the cutest one for only $0.88.

So in total, I spent under $25 on this basket and as for the basket itself, we will be using the same one that we used last year. My mom got Maggie a really cute basket liner last year, and we hope she can always use it!

Hope that this helps if you aren't sure what to fill you little one's Easter basket with. Have a great Monday!


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