Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mingle

Well we survived.

"What's that?", you say. Oh no biggie, I just took my first solo trip down to my parents with the Magster this weekend. I know, I know....I shouldn't make a huge deal about it. People do it everyday, but I had a bit of anxiety over all the logistics, but we did great!

Friday, I wanted to get gas through the Giant rewards program, so I had to drive to a different town, and I thought we could go first thing and stop at a bagel shop and have breakfast. I was a little concerned that Mags would be super hungry and therefore fussy, but she was super excited to be going out! We couldn't find a bagel shop, so we ended up at a little restaurant and we just got a bagel. I felt kind of silly, but that is what we wanted, so that's what we got! Maggie charmed the entire room and loved saying, "Hi!" to everyone (multiple times).

After breakfast, we ran home, finished up packing, and headed out a little earlier than I had planned! I had planned to listen to my Iphone with the hubs radio tuner, but it wouldn't work. I was pretty bummed because I had thought that we could listen to "my" music until Mags got fussy or was feeling cramped, and then I would put on some toddler tunes and that would placate her. Luckily, I didn't need it at all. Mags was content just hanging out for the first hour, and then she fell asleep for the second hour and basically by the time she woke up we were almost there!

Friday night I went out with my best friend and Mags spent time with Grammy and Poppy. We went out to Cheesecake Factory (my first time), had some delish nachos and then some sinful Reese's Peanut butter cup cheesecake. After that we went over to Barnes and Noble and spent more time talking an catching up.

Saturday, we went shopping and my mom got me an awesome dress for a sorority luncheon that I am going to in April and Mags had her first experience at a mall play area. She was in heaven.

There were tons of kids and they were all just running around, and Mags joined right in. After that, we headed home and my grandparents came over for dinner.

Sunday, we went to church, had a yummy breakfast and then soon after that, Mags and I headed out. We sailed home and made awesome time. Daddy greeted us when we got home and we were so glad to see them. Mags had some trouble sleeping/napping over the weekend, and I think that it might have had something to do with missing her Daddy.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I am glad that everything went so well!

How was your weekend? Hope you are having a marvelous Monday!!!


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Andrea said...

What a cutie! I'm glad it all went well!


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