Friday, March 9, 2012

Your Three Words

Stream of Consciousness

It's Friday...Thank Goodness!

If you need a pick me up, listen to this album...specifically this song. Makes me think of the beach and relaxing summer afternoons...

And then there's the crazy weather we've been having...I am convinced we are going to have a blizzard on Easter or maybe even after. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday! At the very beginning of March...insanity!

So here's a little Iphone collage of our outdoor adventures in the warm weather....

As you can see, we like to walk. We don't really climb on the equipment at the playground or swing on the swings, we just do laps. Hey, whatever floats you boat, kid!

Still super stoked for "Hunger Games". We are going the Saturday of the weekend it opens and I am probably going to pick up the tickets tomorrow. I got some gift cards for Christmas, but they don't work online, so I have to go get the tickets myself....lame (oh what a first world problem). How much do you love this video?

Speaking of Easter, someone's basket goodies are all just about bought. I'm not sure if we are going to be on the same level as last year, but it's only the beginning of you never know...LOL. Honestly, I have a budget and I am sticking to it!

So far, we have three Sesame street books with read along CDs (that I got for $10 shipped through Eversave...score!). I used a Christmas gift card from Old Navy (therefore, not included in my budget...bonus) when they were just having a 30% off sale, and got a sun hat, 2 pairs of flip flops and a Disney princesses shirt. Then I got a Mickey Mouse clubhouse coloring book, Sesame Street activity book (50 cents) and two packages of letter and numbers flashcards at Dollar General, all for $3.50. My final stops will be to the Target $1 spot and the Dollar store. I'm not going to do much in the way of candy or treats. I figure I'll let her have some on Easter, but she doesn't need it otherwise.

Also, I would love to put together a little Easter egg hunt for her at Brian's grandparents house, where we are going for the day. We agreed that she is too little for a "real" Easter egg hunt with other kids, but I thought it would be cute to just hide a few eggs around their yard, filled with stickers and other little toys. If nothing more than a cute photo opp....As long as we don't have that blizzard I'm predicting....LOL

What are your plans for this weekend? The in-laws are coming over this evening to hang out with Mags and us, Saturday I'm getting new tires (isn't being an adult fun???) and Sunday I'm going grocery shopping for the next two weeks, since I won't be in town next weekend (heading South with the Magster to my mom's, by myself, for the 1st time....wish me luck).

Hope you have a great Friday and a relaxing weekend!


Andrea said...

I love that video, she looks so pretty. And YAY for Hunger Games!! LOL

Brandy said...

Counting down to Hunger Games!!


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